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1 Month in Eastern Europe in Summer


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  • Added on: October 27th, 2014
If you had 1 month to travel in Eastern Europe what would your route be??

I am planning a trip to Eastern Europe with my 13 year old son this August. I want to spend 1 month and would love some feedback on itinerary. I had thought of starting in Germany and working our way down. I have a tendancy to overbook my time so I'm looking for perspective too!

Germany > Poland> Czech > Hungary > Romania > Serbia > Greece

What would be your top cities/towns or sites for each country? Where should I plan to spend the most time. Would you bus or train? I know this is pretty generic, but I've got to start somewhere!
Alexa Meisler


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  • Added on: October 28th, 2014
Okay-- Thinking of honing in on my itin & Skip Porland and Germany.

Czech > Hungary> Romainia> Balkans: Dalmatian coast; Plitvice Lakes; Montenegro; Belgrade; Albanian coast/mts; Meteora, Greece.
Alexa Meisler


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I hope to leave withing the next 6 months for eastern Europe myself I am looking for sugesstions and if anyone is in the same boat as me we should collaborate, my first obstacle is how much is this going to cost how much money am I going to need to save before I go, im thinking around 1,000 maybe a little more, but this might be just wishfull thinking, I know the passport is $150 and guessing about $600 for the plain ticket if I shop around, so what am I missing here?


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The big cities are definitely worth hitting in that area. W Prague, Budapest, and Brasov. I seem to have an unusual affinity for Bucharest as well, but most people rate it as a missable city, and your time is tight for such an ambitious trip. Romania is also very much the place to see the countryside and smaller cities. My personal favourite was Biertan, which is a UNESCO historic site. You need a car for that, though. Sighisoara is on the train network, and also well worth a stop. Crawling with tourists, but still fantastic in many ways.

In Greece, I don't know that Meteora would be my priority. The monastaries are kind of interesting, but it's difficult to get around (serious taxi shortage...we ended up walking way too much). Delphi was my favourite stop in mainland Greece. (at least that's feasible for you. The Dadia nature reserve was also fantastic, but very much out of the way if you're not going to Turkey.)

That's all I can give for personal experience. Transportation wise, be flexible about trains or busses (don't buy a pass, pick the best option for each leg). We mostly used trains in Romania and Hungary, but some destinations are better accessed by bus. Probably Serbia and Albania. Maybe some ferries along the Dalmation coast. Transportation in mainland Greece is a mess no matter what you do.

Looking at a map, I'm not sure it's doable to hit up both the Dalmatian Coast/Albania, and Romania, given your time constraints. You might be better off dropping Romania and going straight from Hungary to Serbia.

I'm not sure that you're anywhere close to reasonable, even for just the cost of getting there. I did a flight search for the cheapest round trip to a major European hub (Budapest, Amsterdam, Dublin, London, Frankfurt or Paris) from San Jose or San Francisco in June, the cheapest I could come up to is $1,000 for just the plane ticket. And that doesn't get you to Eastern gets you to Dublin.

Which is handy, because Dublin is well-connected to the rest of the continent by the cheapest airline on earth, but once you add in all the hidden fees of dealing with Ryanair, you're still going to be spending another $100-$200 to get to your final destination.

But then we come to the big thing that you missed: spending money once you're there. Eastern Europe is less expensive than western europe, but it's not free. Indeed, even 8 years ago - the last time I was in Eastern Europe, big cities like Budapest were getting quite expensive. (I spent $70/day in Budapest 8 years ago, staying in dorms and eating only fast food or from the grocery store, and about $40/day travelling less expensive parts of Romania and Bulgaria.)

Overall, I'd allow at least $50/day to cover accomodation, food, and travel costs. Over a month, this adds another $1500, which still doesn't allow much room in your budget if you want to do something other than dorms and the cheapest food available.

So based on all that, I'd suggest a budget of $2,850 for a low end, one month, trip to eastern Europe. Your cost per day goes down quickly if you stay longer, since half the budget is spent getting there, but you still need more savings.


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  • Added on: February 21st, 2015
I think you need to re think the countries you are visiting otherwise you will spend most of your time traveling and not enough time enjoying the countries you had intended on seeing.
Germany is a wonderful country and you could spend a complete month there.
Hungry a beautiful country with some fantastic towns and places of interest to see.
Italy, Austria, Russia,Estonia, Latvia, a wealth of great countries, but to enjoy you need time, not a quick 2 nights here and there
You haven't said how you intend to travel.
The link below will give information on train etc travel.

See this link on independent travel information

I don't know what nationality you are but have you thought about Visa requirements?
If you don't need a Visa what you can take in and out of the different countries.

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