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1 month summer vacation in China


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  • Added on: March 15th, 2011
Don't have a plan for summer?
My roomates and I are Looking for outgoing people to travel to china with this summer. All 3 of us are college students currently attending school at NIU, and were planing on leaving right after our final exam which will be some time between mid late may or early june. we request that you let us know before April 1st if you are interested in coming with us, because tickets cost more as we approaches summer, obtaining a visa is no problem and very easy but it will take a couple weeks. We are mainly looking for people around chicago area where we can come meet you and plan for this trip, basically kinda know what you're looking foward to do over there in China. We have some plans in mind already just need more people to go to make this trip more interesting.

This trip will not cost remotely close to what the travel agencies will charge because one of my roomate have family member in China with several houses; therefore, we wouldn't be paying much for hotels.


when: departs 1 week after final

how long of a trip: 1 month

How much: usually 1400-1700 dollar for plane ticket. spending money will varie depending on individual. but basically 2 years ago on our trip, we each average spend about 800=1200 dollars in china because we bought a bunch of suvenior. so basically the most of the money will be spent on the plane ticket

spots open: 2 spots are currently open as the group will only be 5 peoples. 3 spot taken by my roomates and I

what are we going to do?: Well, we will definitly be going to Beijing and see the great wall for sure, along with tiananmen square. Then we planneed on going to the mountains and see the temples, enjoy some chinese food, maybe depends on the group we may even go to some massage parlors.

if you are interested in coming along or need more info contact me at Travelchina2011@yahoo.com
This email is specifically made for people who would like to come along so i dont get it mixed with my other emails

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