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2 disabled passenger not allowed in one plane??


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  • Added on: July 30th, 2010
what do you think about this regulation/rule by an airline (i won't mention the name of the airline) wherein they won't be allowing 2 disabled passengers in one plane? but when i see most airline websites, there is no option to choose if you are a disabled passenger to notify the airlines earlier. there was this one case where in an autistic child was not allowed on the plane since they already have another one on-board so they were stopped at the entrance of the plane and i could imagine the shame and anger of the mother. and accdg to her, they were not advised about that certain rule.


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I think if this rule exists, then it should be posted in a prominent place, with the warning:

If there is a significant disability, please let us know in advance so your place may be assured.

I can see the reason for this rule, since even 3 or 4 people with severe disabilities could tie up the airlines crew in an emergency.

At this point, they should also give the option for a qualified handler to always accompany said disabled person. I don't consider a problem with walking to be a severe disabilty, but clearly, autistic people might have a problem with an emergency situation, and it can take up to two-three people to get one of them moving towards an emergency exit.

I am sorry if the airlines didn't give this warning, and you were discomfitted. They should have.

Parents or companions of said autistic people should call every airline in advance, and get assurances that their charge will be admitted to a particular flight, if they can't be made to bend a little.

Question? If Sarah Palin and Trig wanted to go on a flight, do you think THEY would be bumped?

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