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2 Villages in Mai Chau Mesmerize Tourists to Vietnam

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  • Added on: April 18th, 2017
Considered one of the most beautiful villages in Mai Chau, the Lac and Pom Coong villages attract tourist with idyllic, peaceful but charming beauty.

Lac Village

Lac Village in Mai Chau is really suitable for those who love peace, quiet, longing to be immersed in the space of the mountains. This place is also suitable for those who like to experience, explore the culture of mountainous ethnic in Hoa Binh.

Lac Village is over 700 years old, people in the Lac are mainly black Tai, earning their lives by farming and weaving brocade. This place is a gift of mountains and forests for those who love tranquility and quietness to join in the green mountains of Hoa Binh.

At present, the Lac has nearly 30 homestays which are spacious and airy to serve the needs of tourists. Stilt houses on the Lac Village are all high, spacious and clean, keeping the old architecture. Inside each service house is fully equipped with blankets, mattresses, pillows.

Take a walk around the village, you will not see any uncomfortable feeling because people do not insist you to buy souvenirs. The items such as scarves, Thai skirts, lovely wallets, bow, crossbow, flute, buffalo bell, gong, and buffalo horns are sold in front of the house. You can take pictures without fear of being noticed or complained, even you buy them or not.

Consider a fantastic trip to Mai Chau with:

Pom Coong Village

Like other Muong and Tai villages, people of Pom Coong in Mai Chau often live in places where there are rivers, streams, houses leaning against the mountains, in front of the house is often vast fields. .
Pom Coong is a special and meaningful name, which means a village on the big drum - the field. Today, Pom Coong has nearly 70 households with more than 300 people, there are seven large family lines live together happily.

The stilt houses here are usually built in clusters in their traditional architectural style: the floor is made of bamboo and about 2 meters above the ground with sturdy wooden columns, roofs of rattan or brick leaves, There are many large windows, below the floor are the looms for Thai girls weaving brocade.
The highlight of Pom Coong in tourism is the very clean space: clean water, water works, toilets are built neatly to make guests feel fresh and safe.


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