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3 weeks in Morocco


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Tags: morocco, fez, marrakesh, cairo, Meknes, costing, accomodation, food, dades valley, sahara desert trip, itinerary help, pace
  • Added on: March 28th, 2011
Hi guys me and my girlfriend are planning a rtw trip in sep 2012 starting with 3 weeks in Morocco and then going off to Egypt, India and SEA.
Had some questions regarding itinerary for Morocco. Is 3 weeks too long?
This is the plan at the moment:
Heathrow- Marrakesh (with trips to Essouria and Atlas Mountains)
Marrakesh - Meknes (with Volubilis and moulay idriss day trip)
Meknes - Fez (trip to chefchaouen)
Fez to Casablanca and then flight on to Cairo.

The trip seems to short and we would love to include trips to Merzouga, Dades Valley, Ifare and other eastern Sahara areas (would like to do a trip into the desert are there any tours available that arent pre planned and thus less expensive?) posibly doing it as a circle trip. What would be the best way of travelling like this? IS it possible to do it by bus as we don't really want to hire a driver as it can be expensive.
Marrakesh - Merzouga (any stop offs?) up to Fez (any good stop offs?) Meknes etc to Casablanca.

Any rough costing for Morocco accomodation, travel and food? Rough Daily cost would be good!

Thanks guys

Lew and Kat x

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  • Added on: March 28th, 2011
Depending how in-depth you want to get, I'd say 3 weeks in Morocco is a good length, especially as part of a longer trip. I only had 10 days and there was quite a lot I had to miss out.

Essouira is a realy nice place to head right at the start to get your Morocco-legs. It's extremely pretty and fairly touristy but still quite chilled. There isn't a huge amount to do there though... one of those places you either spend two days in and get a bit bored and move on or else you end up totally veging out and staying 3 three weeks. (It was option 1 for me as I had time constraints :) )

I'm not sure if you surf, but down from Essa, along the stretch of coast just north of Agadir, are some fantastic breaks and heaps of places catering to surfers; from private apartments and board hire shops to fully catered surf camps (can personally recommend Dynamic Loisirs in Tamraght).

The buses in Morocco are fine; not super-luxury but more on the inter-city coach end of the scale than the chicken bus end. They're nice and cheap and pretty frequent and reliable too. Hiring a car and driver is an unneccesary luxury/expense unless you're trying to get somewhere totally off the trail.

Cost wise: I paid anywhere from DH90 to 170 p/n for a single room in a riad. Essaouira was expensive, Marrakech can be as cheap or as pricy as you like. I just got off the bus, taxied into the centre and let the first tout I saw show me round places until he found somewhere I liked, which was shabby but clean, only a block off Djeema el F'ner (sp??) and cheap as chips.

Can't remember what everything else cost but street food is cheap, tasty and often quite scary(sheep brain anyone?). The only thing that's really expensive is booze.

If you're interested, I've written up 2/3 of a trip report here and here.


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  • Added on: March 28th, 2011
Thanks very much for the info wil def go to essouria i think haha, the blog looks good will have a good read of it later.
Has anyone else have any info on feasibility of getting to Merzouga/Dades Valley, up into Sahara and then to fez? Is it easily done cost wise by bus?


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  • Added on: April 1st, 2011
Morocco is great place to travel as it offers plethora of attractions. It is not an expensive destination and best for budget travelers. To have some better insight regarding the trip, check here at http://www.travel-pb.com/search/label/Morocco.


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  • Added on: April 13th, 2011
You will have an amazing time! I spent 5 days in Marrakesh last year and had a ball...i found it quite cheap, but you can also end up spending a lot of money if you want to! A rough daily cost if you are sticking to a budget for food, sightseeing, taxis and a couple of beers would be around $60... accomodation varies, but i would recommend staying ina Riad near the souks for a real Moroccan experience.

Also, theres a great expat bar called Kosybar with a view over the city that serve up cocktails and ice cold beers - a haven after a day walking the Marrakesh streets!

Have fun!
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