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7 days in Morocco. What to do? Transport advice needed!


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  • Added on: May 7th, 2011
Hi All-
I will have a short 7-10 day layover in Morocco, flying into Casablanca. From all I've heard about CAS, I think I will skip it. My plan was to take the train and head either south to Marakesh and spend the time exploring the city and taking a 3 day trek to the Atlas.

Or the other option was to take the train to Fez. Which I hear is rich in culture and more interesting than Marakesh. From there I'm not sure what i'd do.

What do I want to see? Culture, local flavor, and LOTS of FOOD! What can I do without? Cosmopolitan cities, clubs/nightlife, shopping.


Another question I had was about transport... I want to take the train but I can't find booking info on www.oncf.ma. So can I just show up the day I fly into Casablanca and catch a train to either Fez or Marakesh? with only a week time is important, esp time in transit. What are your thoughts on Trains/buses/flights in Morocco? I'd fly from CAS but the ground transport seems reliable and super fast.

Thanks guys!
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In 7-10 days you can do lots of things in Morocco. From Casablanca there are several daily direct trains to Fes, and it's not necessary to book ahead. IF the train is full, just head for the CTM bus terminal in the city centre and get on the next roughly hourly bus to Fes. Whether you go by train or bus it's just 4-5 hours travel from Casa, worst case. Arriving by bus may be preferable, since that'll drop you off just outside the walls of the old town, while the train terminal is in the new part of the city, and there are 2-3 kilometres between them.

I think 2 full days exploring Fes is more than enough, but I'm not too fond of cities anyway. Book ahead with Royal Maroc, and you should be able to get a good deal (comparable to the 7-8 hour train) on a flight from Fes to Marrakesh. From Marrakesh you can be up in the mountains in just a few hours by bus. The CTM buses and Supratour are really, really comfortable. Most other companies, not so much.

My top tip for a few days in the mountains would be to base yourself in Tafraout and just hike out of there. Gorgeous mountains, slow and easy village and really nice people. Not sure it's the best option for your schedule, though. You could fly to Agadir, get a taxi for the Inezgane bus terminal and then be up in Tafraout in 3 hours, probably. There aren't too many buses for Tafraout, though, so if you arrive in Agadir late in the day, that might not work out.

I'm currently working on a set of photos from a recent 25 day thing through Morocco, so I should be able to try to convince you visually fairly soon.

Happy trails!


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