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8 Great destinations that are cheap once you get there


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  • Added on: September 4th, 2008
RE: http://www.bootsnall.com/articles/08-08/8-great-destina...e-you-get-there.html

I don't see a date so I don't know when this article was actually written, but.........$15.00 rooms and $2.00 beer sounds about 5 years ago, at least, for Bankok.

I spent 3 weeks there in 2007 and am heading back for another month in October. In 2007 we spent about $25.00 for a decent, certainly not decadent, air con room with internet and T.V. (Cheaper than anything I saw on Kao San Road) and have not heard of a better deal since.

Am I missing something? or is this yet another example of prices being mis/understated?



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  • Added on: September 4th, 2008

Thanks for your comments, and you may be right about some of this. I wrote this recently, and I did check around for some recent prices because I haven't been there in 3 years myself.

Quoting a price range for something like this is really tricky, and I was definitely going for the "budget travel" crowd-type trip rather than a package traveler who wouldn't even enter the lobby of some of the places we'd be happy to stay in. According to a couple of sources, there are still rooms around US$15 to be had in Bangkok near KSR. Personally, I stayed in a 4-star place in that area for about US$35 a night.

The point of the article is that things in other parts of the world can be far cheaper once you get there than those same things in the places most of us live and usually visit. The next time I'm in Bangkok I'll probably pay more for a luxurious place, but it's still possible to get by on a shoestring if your budget demands it.

Are those big beers up to US$3 on KSR now? Smile I think I must have always gotten started at Happy Hour, and then failed to notice later when the prices jumped.

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