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A Way to Make the Young'uns Jealous


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Originally posted by Whistler:
I am not old. I am chronologically gifted.

I LOVE THAT!!!! Rock Out

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Yes I'll go with that too (chronologically gifted), and I will also be 50 in a few months. And divorced. Your stories are putting heart into me, as I was wondering if I'd still be able to travel. My favorite story was about my great grandmother--she hardly ever got to go anywhere and she was getting quite decrepit in her mid 80's, but someone took her to New Orleans and she took off at a trot and outran them all. I loved it. Grandma loved to travel--she lived 6 months in Idaho and 6 months in Missouri and the traveling was the best part for her. My mom has been all over, and my family and I went on a RTW trip last year. My girls will definitely be continuing the tradition. Whistler, I loved your story about the brothel--you're more interesting when you're outrageous. So kudos to the outrageous oldsters (except you're not really old!) and the fabulous 50's! Hey, where can I get that furniture thingie--I'll need it now that I have to support myself. :D
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