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Actors "faking" accents for movies: the good, bad and ugly


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  • Added on: April 26th, 2008
I have to put in a complaint about Americans in particular trying the Australian accent. I have yet to hear a Yank who can do the accent properly with out making us sound like where either Kiwi's, South Africans, English or some painful Americanised combination of the lot. I'd have to say that the only foreigners I have heard do our accent properly, apart form the Kiwis is the British and the only ones I can think of is Helena Bonham Carter and Kate Winslet in separate movies that I can't think of. Daniel Radcliffe did a pretty good job of it in December Boys but there were aspect of the British there.

So some of the worst Aussie accents
* Point Brake for so many reasons other than the accents but particularly the cop on the beach at the end. He didn't even make an effort.
* Meryl Streep in Evil Angels (painful)
* and lets not forget Mad Max 1 which was dubbed for American audience because it was thought they would have trouble understanding the Australian accent. (What the...?)

* But the truly worst I heard is form the 1963 John Wayne Movie "Donovan's Reef" where the Australian Navy arrives for some shore leave and you wouldn't have picked it if they hadn't have told you and rolled out every Australia cliche known to man from convict jokes to waltzing Matilda, but there were 3 or 4 main Australian: one had a horridly bastardised Irish accent, and the others were Americans with what sounded like some pretty severe speech impediments any accent was indistinguishable.
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  • Added on: December 21st, 2010
The numerous minor characters in Braveheart attempting a Scottish accent.

Either they were all from Northern Ireland and just used their own accents, or the actors were trying and failing with their Scottosh accents, or the producers just thought that accent was close enough to Scottish and let it go.

Truly painful.
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  • Added on: January 6th, 2011
I recently spoke with some friends who say Russel Crowe in the newest robin hood is laughable. His accent travels from one country to the next throughout the whole film.

Anyone else seen it?
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