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Advice on renting a car


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  • Added on: March 30th, 2009
Hello! My husband and I are visiting the first 2 wks of May and want to rent a car. I'm trying not to be shocked by the price of insurance and the gas. Any tips or hints on how to handle the insurance and avoid any surprise charges at the end of the rental?

Also, has anyone rented a van that they can sleep in? (We're on a budget).

More details on the trip: we're flying into Shannon then out of Dublin. On my wishlist are Galway, Doolin, Ferry to the Arans, and Dingle... sort of driving/focusing on the west coast. If we get a rental car, can one safely park it in a parking garage in Dublin for a couple days before taking it back to the airport?



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  • Added on: January 18th, 2010
Hi I'm from Ireland myself, Thrifty car rental seem to be the cheapest if you book ahead and online. The Best thing to do would be to rent the car from Cork or Dublin airport and Drop it off at either airport when your finished. Its really easy to get around the place by car. You can get from Cork to Dublin in less than 3 Hours! p.s Campers are very expensive to rent!


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  • Added on: January 24th, 2010
I traveled in western Ireland last June and I'm going again the last half of May. I would suggest an automatic transmission as you'll have enough to worry about with driving on the wrong side of the road, roundabouts and really narrow roads. I also got the most expensive insurance package I could since we've encountered sheep on the roads and all those rock walls. It's the most beautiful place I've been and I know you'll enjoy it. If you have the time, see the Killarny National Forest outside Killarny and the Trad on the Prom in Galway.
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  • Added on: August 6th, 2010
Parking it in a garage may be a problem. Parking is very expensive in Dublin. Although, if you're staying a hotel, it may just be €8 extra a day to park your car.

I don't know about camper vans, they're expensive to rent. Might be cheaper to rent a car and buy a tent for 20 - 30 Euro.
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  • Added on: October 27th, 2010
I would recommend renting a car at the airport, there are many different car rental companies and their desks are all in a row so if you walk up and down and ask them all for a quote they will often give you a bit of a discount to entice you away from the compettion.

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