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Africa Recommendations and Raves

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  • Added on: August 10th, 2006
-Watamu!! Loved it, stayed at the beautiful coral Marijani Hotel, a 2 min. walk to the beach. Ate fish kebobs at the Jambo Cafe and coconut fish at Choma Village. Also met Mr. Ian, an eccentric Scottish guy who built a Scottish Castle just outside the village complete with a pool bar and yellow brick road. (Think I'm kidding? I didn't believe it either until I saw it, check it out, just past Choma Village)

-Masai Mara... enough said.

-Jinja!! Stayed alone at the Nile River Explorer's hostel in town. Ate amazing Tex-Mex fajitas at the Palm Tree Hotel with yummy salsa. Did the 2 day NRE raft trip, well worth it (love the smaller rafts, if you're not getting flipped out - you're not getting your money's worth!). Bought a beautiful hand-made hammock at the hostel made by the local women's co-op.

-Banda Is.!! Worth every penny and every hardship trying to get there. Sweet sweet ganga-waragi-days.

-Byoona Amagara Project, Lake Bunyoni!! My favorite spot, looking out over the nice lake. Also has some great volunteer opportunities.

-Red Chilli, Kampala!! Some people think it's crusty, but I think for the money it's a pretty good deal. And the waters hot. Can't beat the Friday night all you can eat BBQ.

-Gisenyi!! Most beautiful place on earth, easily. Stayed at the New Palm Hotel and lounged on the beach all day. BTW, the water's fine.


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  • Added on: August 23rd, 2006
Tanzania - if you're travelling in Tanzania, make sure you take some time to visit the Usambara Mountains. If you're heading down from Moshi to Dar es Salaam, leave the highway at Mombo - you head up an amazing pass into the mountains. Extremely beautiful area, well worth visiting, and often overlooked by people travelling through.



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  • Added on: September 16th, 2006
Angola Angola Angola Angola

And if you cross the border from Zambia to Mozambique: cross from Luangwa Feira to Zumbo. From Zumbo the boat on Lake Cahora Bassa to Songo - defenitely one of the most adventureous border crossings into Mozambique for the moment


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  • Added on: September 23rd, 2006
Egypt and north Africa Maroco Tunis and other destinations at Medditerenian are very accessable from Europe destinations I wonder how to get to central Africa... I am a bit scared because of crime


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  • Added on: November 5th, 2006
Everyone should go on an African safari. After several safaris to various parts of Africa, we’ve learned that what you see depends not only on luck, but also on where you go, when you go, how you travel and where you stay.

There's a vast difference between a safari in East Africa and one in Southern Africa, for example. While Kenya and Tanzania boast huge herds of wildebeest, zebra and other grazers, Southern Africa offers more diversity, but in smaller groups. Because Botswana features three different habitats – desert, delta and savannah – it showcases a veritable Noah's Ark of species.

Safaris in National Parks have different rules than safaris in private game parks. A safari during the wet season offers greener scenery and more baby animal sightings than during the dry season. You'll hear more animal sounds on a tented safari than if you stay in a game lodge.

Here are some tips to help you decide which safari is best for you: How to Pick a Safari
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  • Added on: November 28th, 2006
Wherever you are, take a risk and get out of your comfort zone. Leave the hotel/hostel/overland group and make friends with locals. The experience will be so much more interesting!

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  • Added on: December 21st, 2006
I hspent three years living and working in Africa while many countries have a lot to offer ZAMBIA is one of the best.
Victoria Falls - Beautiful and alluring also for the more adventerous of heart there is bungis jumping 111 meters or 365 feet fo a bridge spanning the gorge.

Kuamboka Ceromony held in May(check with the Zambia Tourism Board for the exact date). This ceromony is when the villages officially move from the islands out in swampy country to the mainland and the drum music must be heard live to be believed.

Copperbelt - This part of Zambia is just worth the trip. No matter what time of year it is always beautiful there.

Take a train trip. The TAZARA Railway system runs from Livingston by Victoria Falls and extends to Tanzania. I took the trip from Kapiri Imposhi to Kasama and back and it was wonderful.you meet great people on the train the Sceenery is spectacular and you have the oppurtunity to sample some great food on the way(if you are not seasoned to the food bring immodium or lomotil but this is true in travelling anywhere).

There are plenty of inexpensive and very expensive hotels in all of the major cities. To be honest some of my best nights were spent in someones home or sleeping on the buys waiting for it to get full. There are markets in every twon where you can buy everything from food stuffs to souveniers.

A none about Munkoyo. A local homebrew that I developed a taste for. Great stuff but depending on how long it ahs been fermenting it can knock you for a loop.
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  • Added on: February 14th, 2007
As an RPCV of Mauritania I would recommend for only the bravest to travel through this land. Travel to Atar then venture, to one of their distant oasis. Absolutely amazing. The people are friendly and would likely take you in for the night. Go in the summer when the date season is in full swing. One could manage speaking French. Eat dates all day and night in the desert. Ah, the life. Beware that travel agencies in the country are sparse. I also second Dogon Country.


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  • Added on: January 17th, 2008
i want to visit Africa but i dont know which is the best places to visit any one have any suggestions? wat part are good and waht areas should i visit?


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  • Added on: June 3rd, 2008
Lamu in Kenya!! The town is so relaxed and beautiful and not as touristy as Stone town in Zanzibar, Tanzania (although can't beat the Zanzibari beaches). We found this little cafe which was hidden in amongst the alleyways and it was empty every time we went but the owner was such a nice man and he taught us how to play Bao (like an african board game) and he made the best Mango, pineapple and lime juice in the entire world!!!


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  • Added on: June 12th, 2008
i would recommend www.desert-trips.com for morocco desert trips as the best and cheap services on a local style .i have been to morocco and tried the local services after i foudn my self ina hotel that was king of stress....also vilage kouki in essaouira it's a lonely place far from essaouira where you can get a locals ervices too and have a peac and quite moments way from the groups of tourists...all the best
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  • Added on: July 11th, 2008
Any place where you can meet local people is a good place :-)
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  • Added on: July 12th, 2008
Will be travelling through eastern and northern Africa (as well as western/central Europe later on) and am looking for any options regarding cell phones or blackberrys for calling North America or emailing. I get tired of always looking for internet cafes or figuring out how to call out of foreign countries while travelling.

Any advice on something not ridiculously expensive?


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  • Added on: August 13th, 2008
Hi i used a weblink to call from morocco to northafrica for free - but you'll need a conecting computer- you can call (to cell-fixed fons-computers) and for free they gave 2500 minut to call and it's just for free .
let me know if you'll need that and and let your email to contact you .
remember this is just available to call from evrywhere to -canada and usa.
...take the less traveled. and pay less.


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  • Added on: August 13th, 2008
sorry ( i mean to call from northafrica to northamerica.
...take the less traveled. and pay less.


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