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After nearly 7 years of travel I need a new backpack


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  • Added on: March 21st, 2017
Hey guys

So after 6 1/2 years of loyal service my MEI voyageur has reached its end and it's time for me to replace and hopefully improve on it. I am hoping you guys can help as I have not had to think about this since 2010.

So what I am looking for? Features that I regard as minimum requirements.

I want a front loader/panel so that I can fully open the bag. A bag that is just top loader is a non starter for me.

I don't really want to go over 45 litres, anything over 50 litre is an absolute non starter. In saying that I am open to a bag with an attached daypack that goes over 50 in total but I still really don't want the main backpack over 45l.

The voyageur was very minimalist with just 2 compartments. There was something to be said for that but I as plan to do a good bit of hiking/camping I want more and something that may help with sleeping bag/tents/poles etc.

No wheels.

YKK zip(s).

Something that is optional but you could do with voyageur is zip the straps up and hide them in such a way that it looks more like a suitcase. This was nice when trying to not check a bag in and go hand held only( like I managed to do on its final journey even though it was over the limit. It only matters if they weight it!) but tbh I never used that feature very much at all over the years so while handy it's not a deal breaker if that is not possible which likely isn't for most bags.

Aside from that I am open to anything. I appreciate any suggestions.

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