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Airfare Strategy - Buy Now or Wait?


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  • Added on: February 2nd, 2011
We are going to Durban for a conference, and then some further tourism, the first two weeks of August, 2011. Right now, all flights, no matter how or where I look, are about $1,700 per person.

Can we do better than that? Should we wait to look for cheaper deals, sales, consolidator flights, etc.? Or are fuel prices just going to go up and flights get more expensive?


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  • Added on: February 4th, 2011 best screening site

IAD JNB RT from $1350 on some dates.

might play around there.


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  • Added on: February 17th, 2011
In January I flew from Scotland to Johannesburg via Amsterdam on the way down and then Paris on the way home (KLM then Air France). To be honest there were A LOT of Americans on my outward flight who had come from Washington, Atlanta, Miami, New York and Chicago (just some of the conversations I picked up around my seat!). KLM seemed to offer by far the best fares from Europe, so it may be worth checking them out. I booked my flights about 8 weeks in advance and paid £500 return (US$800) Obviously factor in a bit more for the US-Europe leg.

If you need to fly to Durban it is probably cheaper for you to get to Johannesburg and then book an internal flight on a low cost carrier. are great, they connect JNB to Durban and pretty much every big city to every other big city and are pretty cheap. I used them to get from JNB to East London and then along to Cape Town and the total cost was about £90 (US$145) for 2 flights booked about 4 weeks in advance.

Mango and Kulula are also low cost. I used Mango and they were reliable for my Cape Town to JNB flight, booked about 5 weeks in advance I paid £50 (US$80).

I found Kulula to be the most expensive, but they were still cheaper than Comair (British Airways franchise) and South African Airways (and thier various regional/express subsidiaries).

Whatever you do, have a great trip!

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