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All about ISrael- a view from within


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  • Added on: August 31st, 2010
Greeting to all inhabitants of this forum! My name is David I’m 27 years old from Israel. I’ve came to Israel from Lithuania at age of 10 years. As the time passed, after living here, serving in the IDF (Israel Defence Force) I’ve came to conclusion that my family had made the right choice of coming here. I really felt that we came to the historical motherland. Looking around, I’ve understood that in Israel are lots of places that are mystical, religious, and historical and other significant places. Jerusalem, all the Holy places that are connected with Jesus Christ, all the Jewish holy places- like Wailing Wall, narrow streets of Jewish, Muslim, Armenian and Christian quarters of old.. or should I say Ancient city of Jerusalem. Haifa, Bahai gardens, Haifa’s churches… I can talk about all of these forever…

After finishing 4 years in the IAF (Israel Air Force)- finished as First Seargeant. I’ve serving in the reservist platoon that guards Israel- Egypt border. While servicing in the board I became aware of how many ppl from the lands that are our neighbor try to get into Israel, some heavily armed and some armed with a knife. I’ve understood that we must protect this tiny piece of land that we call Israel, and must fight over it until the last drop of blood.

Since my young years I’ve was interested in history and read about everything that got into my hands, whether in Wikipedia, when the high-speed internet appeared or read books. I would love to be tour guide in Israel, but its very hard course that lasts about two years and it is first academic degree in Israel History. Came to conclusion that I cannot combine this course and work and family I’m married and have 6 yr old daughter

In the beginning I was learning Israel history in my home, as I said reading books and internet. I walked couple times with tourists- guided them in Jerusalem but these were relatives of our friends that came from Russia to Passover, so I had to take them to the Holy Sepulcher where I understood that I like explaining people, to guide them inside the Holy Sepulcher and over the Via Dolorosa, explaining everything that have to do with Israel's history religion or any other aspect.

In October I begin to learn a course of international guide- ill be able to travel the world with Israeli tourists. Understanding that Israel guide option is closed to me I came to learn the other side:). Course includes theology psychology, lots of history, different holy places all over the world and so son. The course will last 10 months.

I’m really happy that I’ve found English speaking tourism forum. I’m sorry for possible mistakes in English because its not my mother tongue, although I have fair English skills. I would like to help ANYONE that would like to visit Israel, whether for resting or business trip. I would provide professional answers for every aspect of Israel, army living here tourism, holy places, restaurants discoteques, Eilat, TLV, how to behave in Israel. Justabout anything. I’m waiting for your questions, and also you can write in this forum. Waiting for your letters!
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Welcome to BNA, Eldorado821. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Just a piece of advice though, perhaps you could write shorter thoughts too. I read two of your posts and they were a bit on the detailed side. If you write shorter posts, you probably get more responses.

Glad to hear of your enthusiasm for Israel. I was very impressed when I traveled there two years ago. I also was moved by the Church of the Holy S, and I'm not Christian, just someone who can appreciate art, architecture and passion from other cultures.

Grace Walsh

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Nice one, Eldorado.

I came to visit Israel with a bit more of a critical eye, but I occasionally allowed myself to be absorbed by the passions and religious feelings around me, and enjoyed the Holy Sites for what they were, without mixing in politics. Thank you!


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Hello Eldorado! May I ask what's the best place to tour in Israel? We'll be going there this coming April. My itineraries are in Ashdod, Nazareth City, Tel Aviv Jaffa, Megiddo, and Jerusalem. Also, I'm planning to just rent a car when we get there. Thanks.

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