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Amazon Rainforest tour


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  • Added on: February 23rd, 2011
Forgive me if this has been posted before, but my search didn't find anything.

So I know for lots of people one of the highlights when visiting SA is visiting the rainforest. I know you can visit it in Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia (?) and probably a few other countries I'm not sure of. So, where's the best place to see it? I know "best" is relative, so I'm looking for the most economical, most bang-for-your-buck tour. Where did you visit it from and would you recommend it to others?
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Can't tell you "best". We went on a river cruise from Iquitos Peru. I enjoyed it very much.

It was a bit upscale for me and I did it through International Expeditions. I particularly enjoyed the silliness of having the towels folded into funny shapes. But that's not the info you are after....

In terms of sights, we were able to see lots of animals and birds. We saw dolphins, pink ones and the more active regular looking ones. We saw sloths, a snake swimming in the river, weird looking bats sleeping in the trees, many colorful frogs, lots of cayman. We fished for piranha and then ate them.

I gather lots of people go from Peru because it's pretty accessible and there's a fair number of options.

We flew into Lima, spent 2 nights, then flew to Iquitos. Iquitos didn't seem all that special, but I didn't really explore it. I just hopped on the boat and floated up and down two tributaries.

I wish you good fortune in finding the right trip for you as I'm sure you will.

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