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Antigua to Flores/Tikal?


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  • Added on: December 10th, 2009
I am spending a month in Central America and probably about 10 days or so of which will be spent in Guatamala. My current plan is to fly into Guatamala and go over to Antigua and Lake Azitlan - I want to go up to Flores and Tikal for a few days as well before heading over to Honduras where I'll be doing some scuba for a week or so.

I am relatively short on time and on a budget - does anyone have suggestions about the best way to travel from Antigua up to Flores and Tikal? Are inexpensive flights available? How long is a bus ride?

Any advice would be appreciated. I am at the early planning stages of this trip that will eventually land me in San Jose, Costa Rica for my flight back home to LA.


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TACA flies from Guatemala City to Flores, but I don't think it's cheap any more. I paid $70 return in January 2006, but have heard that it's much more expensive now.

There are also overnight tourist shuttles from Antigua to Flores, taking six hours or more. They are much more comfortable than chicken buses, and accordingly more expensive.

How were you planning on moving on to Honduras?


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  • Added on: December 13th, 2009
Yeah, used to be under a hundred...Last time I tried it, it was over a hundred and fifty.

Still, it's far more expedient and comfortable than the famous overnight bus, which takes about eight hours, in my recollection. But, on a budget...It's the overnight bus for you, my friend.

Good Luck Out There.

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