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Anyone been to Memphis?


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  • Added on: February 27th, 2011
Hey, has anyone been to Memphis? How accessible is it to non-drivers? Any recommendations for places to stay/things to see/ good tour operators that go there?



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  • Added on: February 27th, 2011
I was a little girl when I went there with my family, but I remember taking a trolley lots of places when in the downtown area.

Graceland is out of the way, and in the not so nicest area, but I'd image there are ways to get there from the CBD.
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Well, Memphis has a concentration of things to do within walking distance downtown. You can go to the Mud Island Park or walk along Beale Street or take a paddleboat cruise on the Mississippi River Graceland does look like it's probably a bit more than walking distance, but I'd imagine the tourist information could get you on a bus or something without too much trouble. Hope that helps!


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  • Added on: May 26th, 2011
Yes we had a few days there as part of our 3 months in the US. We travelled by bus from St Louis to Memphis, the coach travel was no problem but we had to put up with a gang of youths who were racists, wouldn't allow us to sit next to them so we ended up sitting next to the toilet which stunk.
Memphis is a small town and you can easily walk around, everyone goes to Beale Street. It as lots of cafe/beer/music places and interesting to have a look around. Had a day visiting Graceland which is well worth the visit but expensive, we stayed in a motel within walking distance which was al right it had a pool so we could cool off of an evening. I guess it depends on your tastes but the food is really not to my liking, everything is deep fat fried YUK.

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