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anyone believe in signs?

erin palmisano

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  • Added on: June 29th, 2007
So this is my first time on the spiritual traveler forum and I was so happy I came on today! I was reading Brentus post about traveling after a break up and the What do you Live for post and they were really helpful. So my question was about signs.

I have sort of thrown this trip together for myself to Asia, as I have said on other posts. It was a planned trip a few years ago that got pushed and pushed because...well, life happens (and so does love) but I let go of the relationship because of my unquenched desire to travel. (We did try to get back together but it seemed not to be the right time, though its still heartbreaking!)

So I have this one way ticket to Beijing, where I planned to sort of take an intuition journey. Not really plan anything, just see where the road leads, learn to have faith in my intuition, be centered with myself.

I got anxiety the morning after I bought the ticket. I figured I was just jittery, still shaky from my split with my guy. Then, on the day I went to the Chinese consulate to get my visa, my transmission in my car dropped AS I was parking in front of the building. It struck me as more than a coincidence but I figured I'd let it go. The next week, I did put my application in without complications, and was supposed to pick up my visa yesterday. My transmission dropped AGAIN in the morning so I couldnt get it. I am a believer in paying attention to signs around you and I have to say, I'm questioning it all a little bit. Not to mention my mother (who is my most staunch supporter, and also has a sixth sense of intuition that is NEVER off) cries every time I bring it up and says she has a really bad feeling about this trip and she doesnt know why. When she has bad feelings, they most often mean something.

Do you guys believe in signs? I mean, I have to say, this week of all those things pointing against at least going to China have really made me just I on the right path for the right reasons?

I dont believe in fate...but I do believe in manifestion, you know? So I'm just...looking. What do you think? Am I being silly, or trying to talk myself out of it? Do you guys see signs in your own lives? Do you follow them? Are they signs?

Ugh, I hate being indecisive and lost.
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  • Added on: June 29th, 2007
I do believe in signs. But perhaps life is just testing you. Maybe it wants to see how BADLY you want to go...


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  • Added on: June 30th, 2007
Hey Erin...yes, I believe in signs. But I don't always trust myself to interpret them correctly.

Your sign: sell the damn car and go to China!!

Just kidding. Sort of. Roll Eyes I wonder if your interpretation of the Incredible Dying Transmission has more to do with your own fears then it does God using automotive issues to get your attention.

Instead of looking outward, maybe the answers are inside. You're going through a lot right now, a whirlwind of sadness and excitement, anticipation and trepidation. It would be SO NICE if you had a definitive answer, the Universe saying "yes" or "no". But the answer can really only come from you.

And I think you already know it.

Have fun in Asia, honey. Thumbs Up is back!

erin palmisano

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  • Added on: June 30th, 2007
thank you so much!!!
"I would rather die of thirst than drink from the cup of mediocrity."

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  • Added on: July 2nd, 2007
It’s amazing when one has uncertainty about life or a situation we look to a hirer power for an answer. I am spiritual, not religious, and really do not believe in fate but I tend to do the same thing you are doing right now… looking for an answer to justify my actions so I can feel at ease with my decision.

Maybe the sign is that the relationship has taken its path and is now a past chapter in your life. Your car is obviously having trouble but that is what cars do, so maybe its life telling you to leave the car behind along with the other things that give you trouble and set off for an adventure with a backpack, two feet and a free pass from obligations.

Think about why you wanted to go in the first place and how often you have been thinking about this trip…. I think you would be disappointed if you didn’t go!

Have fun!

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  • Added on: July 9th, 2007
Sometimes Life just likes to give you a hard time. Especially when you're on your way somewhere. In such cases, it is best to simply mule kick Life in the nether-regions and go on as planned.
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  • Added on: July 11th, 2007
Last December I met a girl, from the first moment we started talking it was unbelievable, we had so much in common and thought along exactly the same lines.
Then I found out she'd be leaving early January for 9 months volunteering in Uganda and was only 18!, me being an enthusiastic traveller got very excited about this.
She said that she didn't like her name, Lucy, so after a long chat I came up with a new name for her, Phoenix Aurosis (Phoenix because I thought this trip would be her rebirth from her old bored self, and Aurosis because she gives off an amazing Aura.
Her favourite thing in the Universe are stars.
The day that she left to Uganda, I remember reading in the news that a new star had been discovered in the Phoenix Galaxy in the centre of constallation Phoenix proving that the Galaxy wasn't dead, but being reborn out of it's own ashes. very fitting.
Coincidence? maybe, but now I do believe in signs.

I arrive in Kenya in less than 4 weeks to go on a tour of East Africa and she will be meeting me there to do the tour with me for a whole 6 weeks Smile
Incidently I arrive on her birthday (I didn't know this at the time I booked) . Luckily I bought her a present a long time ago, I named the very same star after her. Lucy Phoenix Aurosis.

So yeah, I do believe in signs, especially when travels concerned Wink
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  • Added on: March 20th, 2010
I know this thread is 3 years old but I just have to respond. Originally, I didn't believe in signs or fate but I have been seeing signs telling me to pursue a different path.

Just like most people here (if not everyone), we all like to travel and want it in our lives, or else we wouldn't be on this website. While my family went on vacations when I was growing up, it wasn't until maybe 3 years ago that I seriously considered making travel a major priority in my life. I am now seriously thinking of quitting my job to do working holidays in other countries, do a RTW trip, maybe do a career change. Here are the signs that led me to where I am so please tell me if I'm going crazy.

(1) About six years ago before I even knew about working holidays or backpacking trips, TravelCuts here in Canada held a contest celebrating their 10 years of working with Rail Europe by giving out one Eurailpass everyday for 10 days. I guess it's just a coincidence that they held this one-time contest on the same year I was about to graduate from university. Anyway, the biggest coincidence is that I found out that I won a Eurailpass right on my birthday, which sealed my decision to take some time off after graduation to travel for 3 months around Europe. Could winning a eurailpass right on my birthday be a sign of a "rebirth"? After all, this trip changed me (more below).

(2) On the day of my intended return back to Canada after my Eurotrip, there were some mechanical problems on the plane so we had to disembark and they sent us to a hotel overnight. The next day, we boarded a different plane than the one before, and that plane also experienced some mechanical problems that delayed us for about a couple of hours. I actually remember sitting on that plane wondering if this was a sign that I wasn't meant to leave. I know planes break down and delays happen, but it still left me wondering. Also, Air Canada gave us extra bonus aeroplan miles for this inconvenience (see #4 below).

(3) Once I got back, I was thinking of moving to London to do a working holiday. Six years ago, I remember the visa regulations were that you have to be 26 or under, you can't work full-time in a career job, you can only work for about 6 months in a span of 1 year, and the cost was around £205 (quite expensive). Unfortunately, I had a nice stable job and didn't want to trade that for working at the pubs for only 6 months. Through the years, the visa regulations changed gradually. Now, you can work for the entire 2 years in any profession, the cost is half of what it used to, and the age restriction is 31. I feel like the regulations changed in my favor over the years and, I don't want to sound narcissistic, but I think it's a sign telling me to apply.

(4) My boss sent me to Australia to work for 3 months in 2008. While this isn't a sign all to itself, I worked with a consultant from the UK who gave me his recruiter's contact info in London. I also worked with a couple of Aussies who both did a working holiday in the UK during their 20s who inspired me again to do it. I sometimes have this feeling that I was sent to Australia to meet these people -- probably to help me find a job and to inspire me that this experience is worth pursuing. I was also able to claim the aeroplan miles for this Oz/NZ trip even though I didn't pay for it. And together with #2 above and my other travels, I now have enough miles for a round-trip airfare to London (flight taken care of). Maybe these are just coincidences.

(5) When I came back home after that trip in Oz/NZ, I started having this overwhelming feeling that I need to pursue a different path but was still hesitant to quit my job. The very first time I turned on the TV after I got back from my trip, I stumbled upon a documentary about a guy who had quit his high-paying job to travel around the world for a year (A Map for Saturday). I checked the TV guide and I don't think it has aired ever since. I just think it's an incredible coincidence to come back home thinking of quitting your job to embark on an adventure, and then right on the same day, turn on the TV for the first time and end up catching a documentary of a guy who thought and did the same thing. Yet just another coincidence?

(6) Still hesitant to quit my job, I started having problems with a co-worker (incredibly perfect timing). This alone has lots of coincidences or misunderstandings that just blew out of proportion. Coincidentally, I posted some stuff on some message board at the wrong time (or should I say the right time?) that were taken way out of context. For example, I posted some stuff that he mistook as me saying something about his parents, when in reality, I only found out about the situation with his parents several weeks after. Then, he told people about it and painted me as this horrible person and turned co-workers against me. It's like fate made my job quite difficult to make it easier for me to quit my job.

(7) I think that fate brought me and that same co-worker above together for a reason (not just to make my job more difficult for me to quit). Even though he's about 15 years older than me, we both majored in the same program together, started out at the same job at the same time and in the same manner, graduated at the same time, even though we've never met before our first day at work. Before I met him, every single person I knew followed a standard path -- go to school, graduate, find a job, marry, buy a house, have kids, etc. I grew up in a country where everyone went to college/university right after high school, and where everyone went straight to work right after school, and unfortunately, I had that same way of thinking. And here comes this guy who made me change the way I look at it. He didn't go back to school until his 30s and he did a road trip for several months during his 20's. It was actually his trip that inspired me to backpack around Europe right after graduation. I didn't even knew it was possible to travel for several months. He made me realize that there was no set way of living your life. Everytime I think to myself that it might be too late to do a career change, or to start a family, or to pursue my goals, I actually think of him and then I realize that it's not too late to do anything. If it wasn't for him, I probably would not have traveled and I would probably still have that old mindset. This is why, despite what was all said and done, I am incredibly grateful to him. If he went to university right after high school or if he majored in a different program, he and I would have never met. Fate brought us together.

(8) Feeling lost, I decided to talk to an HR consultant at work regarding what I wanted to do in life. This is probably not a sign but coincidentally, she also did a working holiday out of all places in London in her early 20s and gave me some good tips. She also made me realize that it's ok to switch careers in your 30s (which she did herself) which I might end up doing. Just like the people in #4 and my co-worker at #6/7, she reassured me that life will be okay even though I take this risk.

(9) After I've submitted and paid for my UK working holday visa application for a September departure, I started thinking whether I should quit my job or ask for a leave of absence. About an hour later after I submitted it (probably the biggest coincidence out of them all), we received an email out of the blue saying that there will be about massive layoffs in September (timing again seems perfect). Nobody knew this was coming. Maybe fate knows I am a pussy and despite my co-worker making my job difficult, fate knows I will never do anything about it unless I get laid off.

(10) Here at work, we are allowed to take some courses for personal development. While I wasn't laid off, two brand new courses were created at the right time. One is Travel Writing and the other is Unconventional Work/Life Solutions -- both courses that will prove helpful for me in the future. While both instructors were inspirational, the instructor of the latter course was a former accountant who quit her job and is now an eco-tourism consultant who travels the world as part of her work. Just listening to her experiences and what she did to get where she is right now, it was quite inspirational. The course was perfect and was created at the right time. Were these a sign?

Maybe these are all just coincidences. After all, I do have free will and may decide to be practical and choose to never leave. Maybe signs are there to show us the way, but it is up to us to make the decision on which way to go. Or maybe, I'm just going crazy.
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  • Added on: April 21st, 2010

IMHO definitely way too many "concidence's" to be concidence so grab the brass ring & have a great time in London. 8-) |
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  • Added on: April 23rd, 2010
Sometimes, things are omens. Sometimes not. Hard to tell. I guess my feeling is that if they are trying to stop me from something I want, I will ignore them. And if they are pointing me towards something good, then I say go for it.

We just got back from a wonderful (but quick) trip to Sichuan. Right before we left, my father-in-law became very ill. My husband wasn't sure if he would be able to go on the trip, but told me to go with our son. Then my father-in-law passed away. More uncertainty. My son came down with some stomach illness and had to miss school only 5 days before the trip. Uh oh, more trouble. Then we had a small kitchen fire (no damage except smoke). I began to think the trip was cursed. I began to wonder if we were being warned off by God. Would something terrible happen on the trip? Well, I told myself, "don't be silly. If these things happened any other time, it wouldn't be omens" And I also said, "get over yourself" I mean, really, my father-in-law passing away is way beyond an omen, it's a real life tragedy. He was a very nice man. Yes, he was ill before and it wasn't unexpected,but still, this is obviously not about me and my petty troubles.

In any case, all went well with our trip. We all went. The memorial was postponed until after the trip. My child became well two days before the trip.

As I said, my philsophy now is that good omens should be obeyed. Otherwise, you are living your life with fear, not with joy.

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