Dust off a forgotten foreign tongue, debate the best ways to learn another language, pick up some slang in the local lingo, discuss regional dialects... It's all about being multi-lingual, baby.

Anyone else learning/know/interested in HUNGARIAN?


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Magyar for the win!

I've just started seriously studying it as I'm moving to Hungary this fall and also I think it's an awesome language. on beszel magyarul?

Right now I'm doing flashcards, pimsleur, and random grammar study online when I get time. I work seven days a week, so time is hard to find, but I do it.

What other effective ways do you use to study without burning yourself out or spending a lot of money? And is anyone else learning/know hungarian and interested in perhaps doing some kind of pen pal deal?
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Hungarian is one of the most bizzare difficult,and rich languages ever to exist in the Western World.
One friend of mine(hungarian), said that it was like being in the cradle of a rich culture and language, one that kept most Hungarians from learning much English and going out in the world.

Good luck.

I had a hard enough time learning Spanish. Given the conjugation system is so different, with no real cognates to English, its beyond me without a years work or living in the country learning it intensively. Oh, and you won't have much time for it in Hungary when you're taking your Celta. THey work you very hard there, and teach you very well.

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