Figure out the best place to stay on Khao San Road in Bangkok and where to escape when you've had enough of the mayhem. From Singapore Slings to the changes in Bejing after the 2008 Olympics, gab about it all here.

Asia Warnings


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By far the most safest place to travel in Asia is Singapore. I have always been reluctant to travel in BKK.


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greyeyedman wrote:This goes for anywhere in the third world. Take a calculator. An all too common scam on money changing, especially at borders, is the existence of rigged calculators. Know the exchange rate and do the math on your own calculator. Yeh... I know lots of phones have them, but borders are not a place to be pulling out iPhones. A $5 calculator is much better. Another money scam involves ATMs. Crooks have small devices that slide over the card slot and record your info. Folks just figure out that it is an odd designed ATM. If in doubt, go inside the bank to use a lobby ATM. On the subject of debit and credit cards...banks security systems include computer monitoring of transactions to search for identity theft. People that steal credit card info at home often bulk sell it to third world countries. The computers search for sale in unusual locations and in amounts that aren't typical for the account. Call your bank's security department and tell them where you are going, for how long and if possible what you think your average daily withdrawal will be. Also.. if possible have someone at home that you can put on the account. Include their phone number. Bank security departments won't talk to someone not on the account. Finally, get a none 800 number for your bank. Not all small towns have the switching equipment in other countries to access 800 numbers. I was in a country that only had two places from which you can access 800 numbers. The bank had no other numbers on it's website. The best intentions don't always work so have a backup. I used to have WellsFargo. Planning a trip I called their security department. "I'm going on a trip and want you to flag my account so it doesn't get frozen." "Yes sir, that is our sole job at this office. Where are you going?" "Guatemala." Pause... "Uh... sir, where is Guatemala?" "Central America." Longer pause. "Sir, I don't think you understand. You only have to notify us if you are leaving the country." "Central America as in south of Mexico...not Kansas and Nebraska." Long pause. "oh...thank you sir." I was in country two days and they froze my account.

Thats so true. Lot of hampering that goes on.
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JennyBrow wrote:By far the most safest place to travel in Asia is Singapore. I have always been reluctant to travel in BKK.

Japan and Taiwan rank way up there, too.
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