Figure out the best place to stay on Khao San Road in Bangkok and where to escape when you've had enough of the mayhem. From Singapore Slings to the changes in Bejing after the 2008 Olympics, gab about it all here.

Asia Warnings


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  • Added on: June 4th, 2008
Maybe should go into the Travel News thread...but here we go:

USA Lift Travel Warning on Indonesia
My personal travel website
Cycling from Indonesia to India (09-11) Fabebook Page
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  • Added on: July 9th, 2008
Originally posted by Court:
Be wary of catching a taxi from BKK airport. The non-metered ones show up in the taxi queue, just like the metered ones. Ask before you climb in.

Yes my friend paid 900 baht ($30) to get from the airport to Hard Rock Cafe in Siam? (No Meter) That's just rediculous, it's normally 250 baht ($9) with the meter
Best of Luck!


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  • Added on: September 9th, 2008
In BKK, if you're offered a flyer, do not take it!
in some case, they will come after you and make you pay some money because you "took" their offer. Don't be so kind to them!

This didn't happen to me but some of my friends. Stooges


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  • Added on: October 20th, 2008
Be really wary walking through the trails on the Perhentian Islands (Malaysia). In particular on the small island. I was there in August and unfortunately was attacked, robbed and injured walking back alone from turtle beach to D'lagoon on the quiet end of the Island before the sun had set. While there are warnings up along the trail to not leave belongings on beach while swimming there had not been any attacks prior to mine. Make sure you are with a Buddy.


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  • Added on: December 23rd, 2008
I know this admonition is often repeated in conversations like this but after what happened to me in Tokyo, it needs to be: Be wary of strangers offering you drinks!

On my last night in Japan (the first stop on my RTW trip) I went out with some new friends from my hostel to Roppongi Hills for a few beers. We probably had three over the course of a few hours before we were bought drinks by a Japanese guy who'd been chatting us up. The next thing I remember is coming to alone on a dark street off of the main Roppongi area, my wallet empty. Luckily I had left my money belt in my locker, so all they got was about US$50 in yen. I'll be recovering this from Visa soon but they also charged $1,145 to my check card.

Because I had a flight to catch the next day and my memory didn't come back enough to know what happened for a day or two, I left japan without talking to the police.

I never thought something like that would happen to me as a guy who is usally pretty aware of what's going on around me. I especially didn't think it would happen on the first week of my RTW trip. So, man or woman, however aware you think you are, be careful with drinks offered by strangers.

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  • Added on: December 23rd, 2008
I found this site about all the scams in Thailand. Have a look:

Bangkok Scams


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  • Added on: January 26th, 2009
Yes it has always been safe here as long as you use common sense. Don't insult the people, don't do drugs, be street smart, don't think your better then your host. Follow these rules and your have a good time.
If you need information regarding a Chile wine tour PM me.


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  • Added on: July 11th, 2009
No place over the world can be called 100% safe, it is we who make it safe or unsafe. Be a smart traveler and enjoy your tour:
Avoid road side or exchanged eatables
Drink only distilled water
Don’t get over mixed with locals
Use your ATM cards
Never carry hard cash, you may use travelers check also
Be connected with your relatives or friends
Don’t dare to go to lonely places


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  • Added on: July 16th, 2009
:o `Why on earth there's an "Asia" warn.?! :shock:



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  • Added on: August 6th, 2009
SHANGHAI: if you are around people square of the pedestrian part of Shanghai, beware of Chinese people making friends and finaly inviting you to a tea ceremony, it is a classsical setup and will cost you a serious amount of money.
Beware also of people offering to visit an art gallery, an antique sho, a special chool for special kids and, last but not least, massage invitations (But that's more of an obvious one though)


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  • Added on: August 7th, 2009
BILL'S 10 TRAVEL TIPS for the PHILIPPINES ( & Asia )!!

1.)Always carry small change in Pesos, Coins & 20 & 50
notes. That saves you the annoyance from the very common reply, "sorry
no change".

2.) Ask someone about taxi or jeepney, tricycle fares before you get
in. Pay & walk away. NEVER ask "How much?" because the price goes
up the more you talk. A moving taxi is too busy working so it tends to be a better, more honest
taxi versus parked taxis waiting for victims. Tip the taxi driver P10
to P20 reward him for not hassling you. Good Karma ALWAYS REWARDS you.

3. ) Never change money on the street nor inside a restaurant. You
will ALWAYS lose and usually almost half your money. These money
change scam artists are very good and show that the hand is always
quicker than the eye.

4. ) Never gamble with Filipinos not pool, cards, chess or any game
for money & not even for drinks. It's safer not to gamble. It's one
example in life where when you win you lose & when you lose you

5. ) Never raise your voice at a Filipino away from your own
neighborhood. Never call a Filipino "STUPID". They are very sensitive
about it. If you do get angry & make the mistake. Please leave the
place as soon as possible .Go Away Fast because you are in more
DANGER than you realize. Filipinos do not like to fight & "fair
fights" are not the custom, "fight to kill" is.

6. ) Forget about the 2 words "WHY" & "SHOULD" or you get constant
headache trying to understand why things happen like they do in places
outside your own country, especially the Philippines. Acceptance is
the preferable attitude. There are too many things for you to
question, so it's better for you not to start. So just relax/ enjoy
the positive aspects of living in the Philippines with a sense of humor.

7. ) Expect everything to be late and slow. Life stops at LUNCH.
Schedules change & the weather is unpredictable. Telephones,
electricity, and water - sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.

8.) Never accept drinks, candy, or fruit from strangers, especially
young women, in Manila. In the past few years a few of our guests have
been drugged using the above methods after being met in Rizal Park,
shopping malls, the open markets & even on the bus. We have never
heard about this happening in other parts of the Philippines.

9.) Always wear a cloth type money belt which is worn around your waist under your clothes instead of those leather or vinyl pouch waist bags with several zippered pockets because psychologically they appear as you are advertising your valuables. It may seem a bit awkward to reach under your pants to get your money or travelers checks at a bank but it's MUCH SAFER. Even when you drink too much your money is much safer closer to your - - - -.

10. ) DON’T WORRY BE HAPPY!! 8-) ;)
Feel FREE to ask us questions about living, relocating & traveling in the Philippines; learn more by visiting our website.


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  • Added on: September 28th, 2009
You MUST bargain if you are shopping in China. There are some merchants that like to cheat by giving expensive prize. Trust me, you can lower the price 70% lower! I don't know though if you can bargain in mall...
Btw, the terrorist that attacked Indonesia had been proved no worry traveling to Indonesia :D


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  • Added on: March 18th, 2010
Beware of the Airline "Cebu Pacific" as it has policies are impossible to comprehend. Though they are a rising airline in The Philippines, their services is unsatisfactory. One time they refuse entry to a retarded boy. It become controversial since this is a direct discrimination towards the disabled.


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  • Added on: May 27th, 2010
My biggest bad experiences with Tiger Airways departing Singapore for Kuala Lumpur.

They denied me board because I am deaf. My friend had contacted his friend who works with travel agency in Singapore and they contacted the headquarter, which said it never should have happened and contacted the field office and ordered me to board on the next flight and it goes through ok.

I want to boycott Tiger Airways in the future but they always have cheaper fares than any other budget airline. I keep buying and act like a hearing person.. went through ok on the next flight from Singapore to Bangkok and from Bangkok to Singapore... but I just dont like it.

I was told that they also forced a wheelchair user to pay extra 250 Singapore Dollars for being a wheelchair user.

be wary of Tigerways Airline if you happened to look or act like a disabled.


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  • Added on: June 1st, 2010
I am thinking about heading back to Thailand I was thinking of entering through Phuket rather than bangkok do you think that would work or maybe to early yet?


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