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I have put together a website for audio stories as well as written. I am about out of my own stories but you can listen to a few of them in itunes just search for travel trade exchange podcast in itunes.

I really hope that others contribute their own stories otherwise the site dies..... You can either load your own mp3 file or use a call in line to leave a story then they will be posted at the site and perhaps used in the podcast.

Please give me feedback if you can.

some of the episodes include:
Episode 1

In this podcast I outline my goal in setting up this podcast and the companion web site. It is my hope that the audio podcast is entertaining and informative and that the web site becomes an active and useful source if information where the participants generate the content by exchanging travel stories and services with each other.
Stories services and Podcasts will searchable by the area of interest of the users.

Episode 2

In this podcast I describe my personal background and the eventual realization of my dream of sailing and how I made the decision to live my dream and sail across the Atlantic Ocean following the death of a childhood friend.

Episode 3

This Podcast is and interview with Bill and how he exported a car from Florida to Venezuela and intended to drive to Argentina. His plan was complicated when upon arriving in Manaus Brazil the road that is shown on the map does not exist in reality. He then loaded his car on a boat and continues his journey via the Amazon River. He is a great story teller and does a great job in describing this adventure.

Key words
Venezuela, Brazil, Amazon, Manaus, Boat, Car Trip

Episode 4

I interview John. John was accepted to the London School of Film in the early 1970’s. He gets to London and decides he is tired of School. He sells his camera and starts a year of travel. To fund his travels he becomes jewelry smuggler traveling between Turkey and Europe. He describes an LSD trip he had in Bodrum, Turkey and other adventures he had during this year of self discovery. John is today a successful director and film producer and fitting with his trade he is a great story teller.

Key Words
Turkey, Bodrum, Drugs, Smuggling, Israel, 70’s, Hitchhike, Romance,

Episode 5

Produced 11/13/2010
Today I talk of random acts of kindness where I have been the recipient. First a bus ride in Salerno, Italy when traveling with my family and then multiple examples that have occurred in Turkey. Then when producing this podcast my business partner overheard me and wanted to tell of some of his experiences of random acts of kindness. He tells of some of his also when he was traveling in Turkey.

Key Words
Salerno, Italy, Turkey, Bus Ride, Ayvalik, Finike, Safranbolu, random Acts of kindness, Turks

Salerno Campania, Italy

Episode 6

Produced 11/15/2010
I describe Salt Lake to a visitor. I describe the downtown area, what to expect to see when you fly into Salt Lake, the ski areas around Salt Lake and a great walk up City Creek Park and Canyon to go on if you are visiting Salt Lake. This is an example of what I would like each listener to produce and post on the site about the area where they live.

Key Words
Salt Lake, Salt Lake City, Utah, Ski Resorts, Hikes, Walking Path

Episode 7
Produced 11/20/2010
Island of Marmara, Visiting Marble Quarries, Cappadocia, Tea in a cave home, Biking in the Chateau Region of France, Solo Travel

Key Words
Island of Marmara, Marble Quarries, Cappadocia, Tea, Cave home, Biking, Blois France, Blois, Chateau Region of France, Solo Travel


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