Head Down Under and yap about bloody Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Determine the best place to buy a car, how to get a working holiday visa and the best route for travelling the east coast of Oz and around the Kiwi Islands.

Australasia and Pacific Islands Recommendations and Raves


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They basically all go out to the same place with a few exceptions. You also have the option of doing an 'introductory dive' without any certification. They're both relatively expensive in comparison with other countries. You tend to see the best fish near the surface. So if you're pinching pennies, stick with the snorkelling.

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OK in Australia I can reccommend and rave about plenty so where to begin?

OK Melboune - St Kilda is gorgeous and reasonably cheap to stay. Great beach, great night life and pubs. Would highly reccommend Quiet Earth Pizza in Balaclava, The Esplanade (Espie) St Kilda and for a good feed try Chinta Blues on Acland Street, St Kilda. For F1 nuts the pits are a permanent feature of Albert Park as is the pit straight. Albert Park is just a nice place to walk around as well though regardless of whether you are an F1 nut or not.

Sydney - wont repeat what's been said already but try Darling Harbour as well. Theres more to Sydney than an opera house and a bridge! Daling harbour is bustling with life day and night. Theres the IMAX and aquarium and a mall if you fancy it, theres also plenty of bars/restaurants to choose from both day and night.

Some one mentioned BYRON BAY. I like the place but it's getting a little too loud now for me (am I showing my age there?). It used to be a great hippy / muso venue but its slowly giving way to groups of the younger binge drink generation. If you do visit be sure to get the t shirt (Dr Moose t shirts are awsome).

Glasshouse Mountains are stunning and contain the amazing Australia Zoo which is a great day out for all.

Hervey Bay. I love this place and kind of feel home whenever I visit. Plenty to do with the whale watching, fishing (not for the whales of course), Fraser Island with its stunning Lake McKenzie and pure breed dingoes. Great campsite in Pialba for $15 per night powered!

Airlie Beach is another quite homely place. Great for visiting the barrier reef and whitsundays.

Port Douglas is a stunning little town but a tad on the pricey side. Great for backpackers though as there are plenty of accommodations.

Townsville is the less visited city up North. Most people head for Cairns which I find has less attraction. Townsville is stunning and right opposite is the amazing Magnetic Island. I would highly reccommend eating at Chilli Jam in Townsville and a visit ti Magnetic. Go as foot passenger and rent a Moke from Moke Magnetic!

Cape Tribulation. Not for the feint hearted this one but if you miss it you will regret it. ~Teeming with wildlife, scorpions, spiders, snakes, Salties, cane toads, Cassowary! Trust me you will love this place. Just watch out for some of the more vicious locals - plenty of king Browns, Redbacks, Funnelwebs, Salties and fireants here. Well worth the visit though - phone home before you go guys because once you are there your not getting a reception!
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