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Backpacker wedding: easy countries to get married in!


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  • Added on: January 26th, 2010
Hi Folks,

My fiance and I need some advice about getting hitched overseas this March. He's Norwegian and I'm Australian and we're trying to avoid cross-continental family dramas by eloping...yeehah!

We'd love to do the deed somewhere cold and snowy...we're dedicated ski bums from way back.

We're currently living in China, so a place that doesn't require us to first travel back to our respective countries and organise witnessed paperwork would be ideal. Anything that can be done by correspondance is A OK.

Any suggestions, tips, ticks or potential problems that we might encounter??


Alessia and Thomas


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  • Added on: January 28th, 2010

You've got a lot of options. I had actually hoped to pass along a really cool site that I recall from years back, but couldn't find it. It was a blog by a couple who was traveling the world and got married in as many countries as they could, according to the local traditions and customs. It was a great site, but sadly I couldn't find it -- maybe someone else will have better luck.

I did find a few things that may be helpful though -- overall you can get married just about wherever you want, just as long as you've got the paperwork in order. Here are some things that might help:

Wedding Traditions and Customs around the World

How to Get Married in Another Country

And this one, just for fun :-)
26 Most Bizzare Wedding Customs from Around the World

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  • Added on: January 29th, 2010
If you want super easy.....Las Vegas. You can literally just show up with your passports and be married within a few hours. No extra identification documents required, no x number of days required in country, no waiting period, no need to pre-book anything, and marriage cert should be valid anywhere.

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