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Benelux-Germany-Denmark Itinerary in May?


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  • Added on: November 22nd, 2012
Hello everyone,

A close friend and I are planning a trip for May of next year. We're hoping to fly out of Montreal around April 30th/May 1st and to fly back to Canada around May 27th. Our plan is to land in Brussels, and then make our way through Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark. Luxembourg is an option if we're visiting a nearby city.

Rough itinerary:
Brussels - 2 days
Bruges - 3 days
Potentially Luxembourg - 1 day
Amsterdam - 4 days
Surrounding Dutch cities? - 3 days
Berlin - 3 days
Munich - 3 days
Another German city? - 2 days
Copenhagen - 4 days

This itinerary is only 25 days long, and is very flexible. I've looked into buying the Eurail pass, at least for Benelux-Germany, and then probably flying up to Copenhagen to save some travel time. Have I left out any "must-see" cities? When doing my research I've had such a hard time narrowing it down and estimating how much time we want to spend where. All advice is welcome! Thanks in advance!

PS: We also toyed around with alternatively heading down to Prague/Budapest instead of up to Copenhagen...


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On another Germany city - 2days, I recommend Rotenburg:
Day1: Kassel - Würzburg (start from romantic Avenue) - Bishop's Palace (World Heritage Site) - Rotenburg
Day2: Rothenburg - Neuschwanstein Castle - Fussen

Actually, line along the wall of Rothenburg is a good tourist route。
Crime Museum-terrorist but attractive.

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Do not skip Prague! Copenhagen is one of the most expensive cities in Europe, btw!

But really, Prague is still a gem even if it gets a bad rap for having too many tourists. You just have to know where to look:)
An Alternative Guide to Prague

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