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Hi All,

Studying abroad was the most beneficial academic experience of my life, as I'm sure most "study abroaders" would agree.

With hundreds of Student Travel programs out there, it can be quite difficult to determine which programs are best. Because I studied in Florence, Italy, I chose to go through Study Abroad Italy.

I recently created a Student Travel blog at and would like to include some information on highly recommended study abroad programs.

What are some programs you would recommend? Any tips and/or advice when it comes to choosing a student travel program?


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Well, talking about the wonderful experience of studying abroad, I completely agree with you: I studied one year in Coimbra, Portugal :D
I went there with the Erasmus program, it's for European students; another European program is Leonardo - but I think this is something more for newly graduated.
If a European students wishes to go out of the Old Continent, there are other programs, such as academic exchanges with Universities from all over the world - I remember having looked at one in Japan, but then aimed my choice between Portugal and Greece...I live in Italy ;)
Anyway, I think that the best thing is to see the opportunities at your own University international office, and then - if you can! - talk to someone who has done it - and, possibly, in the place you are going to!
Take the chance to make this wonderful experience!!!


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So you studied in Florence? Must have been a beautiful experience. I know well the people from Toscany, I have a lot of friends there. They are just fantastic! They can make you feel at home with their unique style of living and behaving.
I've stayed in Toscany for 9 months. Sure, Florence is a great city, full of places to visit, but me, I "fell in love" mostly with the people.


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I participated in a really cool student travel program. It's called Eco Surf Volunteers.. it's a Volunteer & Surf Program, especially designed for University Students.

You receive daily surf lessons, volunteer in the local bilingual kindergarten school, participate in various adventure excursions (Safari's, deserted beaches, caves, rain forest, etc.).. and a lot more. Food & accommodation, in-country transportation, and all activity equipment, etc. is included.

You can visit the website - OR .. email me for more information ..

Take care & Happy travels!!


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If you want to choose a student travel program Volunteer & Surf Program and this is a great and authentic program for the students with information you can see "This trip was one of the most important and influential trips of my life. It is an eye-opening experience that teaches lessons that you carry on for the rest of your life."

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