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Best time of year to visit London?


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  • Added on: October 11th, 2007
I would like to know what is the best time of the year to visit London, England? I ask this question because I'm in LA where the weather never changes. I don't want to go when it's cold and rainy although it rains alot there. Looking for a time where its comfortable enough to wear a small jacket. Also, I know London is expensive. What are some hotels I could stay at with pretty good rates and comfort?


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I mean no disrespect, but I'm always puzzled by people who want to go somewhere but not experience it the way it is. I want to go to x, but I want it to be like the beach in August...

Your better bets if you don't want cold and wet are summer, like July and August, based on what I've heard. I've only ever been in winter and spring. But this too is changeable. My friends in that part of England reported a very wet summer.


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The best time to visit London is on that one day a year when it doesn't rain.
Which day that falls upon has yet to be determined.

My favorite place to stay in London is the Indian YMCA which is reasonably priced and serves excellent food.


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To be really honest with you, you really cannot predict the weather in the UK any longer.
Years ago I would have said that the best time to vist London would have been the Spring or Autumn(Fall)(May,early June or September/October) as the crowds are generally less and the weather would have been such where you would need a light coat or sweater in the evenings.
However, now you just can't say for sure!
Probably though, I would go for Autumn as the colours of the trees in the Parks are beautiful and if you go early September you might be lucky and have an 'Indian Summer'.
In regard to hotels, I generally go for the Holiday Inn Express and stay in 'London Park Royal'Wembley then catch the tube/train in to Central London from North Acton Station which is only 2 minutes walk away. You can get a double/twin room at around £60 a night inclusive of breakfast.
The website is


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I agree with the above posts, last year we went in August and were lucky with the weather, not too hot, and not too cold.

As for places to stay, I highly recommend the travelodge, there are a bunch of them. THey have great fares if you prepay more than 3 months in advance. We had no troubles with reservations, and it was money that we did not have to worry about when we got there.


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London, on a warm, sunny weekend, is absolutely brilliant (despite all the shit I give it and Brits in general.) Agreed with the above mostly: June to August, but no guarantees you do well with weather. The longer you stay, the better your odds. Outside of those dates, you very well may be needing a heavier jacket/pullover/parka.
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I live just outside London, and to be honest, as mentioned in the posts above, the weather in this country is very unpredictable.
This year, we had an amazing Spring, a couple of weeks in April were scorching, and then for the best part of our 'summer', it rained. There were the odd day it was nice, but nothing consistent.

I would recommend visiting around May, June time.
By that time, the days are getting longer (light wise), the weather will be getting warmer, and most importantly, the kids are still at school, so it wont be too busy.

Hope you have a good time!!


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My favourite time would be late April. Early May may also be OK, but in my experience it starts raining the moment exams are over by mid-June (grrr).

But as everyone says: there's no telling the weather.


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I think a good time to visit is September. I went a year and a half ago and the weather was warm and sunny. Summer would be nice too but it's overcrowded and overpriced.


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dont come now. im freezing my Banana off. ha.
Or, Actually do come now. everything in the shops are on sale the pound is doing crap against the dollar and euro and theres the chistmas lights up!!
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Visiting London doesn't have to be expensive.

Try and visit as many of the free attractions as you can, such as Tate Modern, Science Museum, Changing the Guard and Westminster Abbey.

There's lots of things happening all year round in London's South bank; free events, exhibitions, debates and festivals. Try this website -

If you're set on visiting the attractions with admission fees then work out if it's worth investing in a London Pass. These aren't cheap but if you cram as many of the 50 free attractions in as you can, you should save money.


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Westminister Abbey is not free, it costs something like 9 pounds. I've visited London in March, late May and in October. It's a mixed bag for all of them but I've enjoyed my time no matter what. Remember that air conditioning is something that you won't find many places (at least that was my experience) and the tube was beyond hot and humid in late May AND in October.

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When should I visit London?? A question asked by many who wish to make a trip to this amazing city, where there is so much to see and so much to do. Well, the answer simply depends on what you wish to do during your trip. But there's actually plenty to do and see the year round.

December, July, and August are the busiest months of the year, while January is ideal for those looking to save a little extra cash. So, if you are a shopaholic and want to grab the best deals, and if you are willing to put up with cold, wet weather and lower-priced hotel rooms, you can enjoy great deals from mid-November until after the January sales.


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I think a lot of people in the US think about coming "over" to London, when they should think on coming "up" to London....geographically speaking. London is a LOT farther north than many realize. Dreaming for rain-free, cold-free spells of length is, well, dreaming. You just never know.

Whilst summer may improve your chances of good weather, will also more severly dent your bank account, as it's THE most expensive time to fly transatlantic. Transatlantic fares US-UK are often the cheapest during the winter.

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best time of year is march/april...not that hot, not that cool and flights are about half then in the summer time...
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