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What is your favorite Travel Guide publisher?

Lonely Planet
Rough Guides
Let's Go
Other - not listed above
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  • Added on: November 13th, 2009
I'm a big fan of Rough Guides too! Has anyone got Make the Most of Your Time on Earth: a Rough Guide to the World: 1000 Ultimate Travel Experiences? It's obviously a Rough Guide too, but covers everywhere and has really beautiful pictures. I'd be interested to see if anyone has any good book reviews on South American guides!

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I am normally a loyal Lonely Planet collector. One for each country I have visited.

Having said that I did get the Trailblazers Trans Siberian Railway guide by Bryn Thomas. My brother and I were the first two people to do the journey with the latest version. We know this because Bryn sent them to us personally as the latest version was not due in the shops until 2 weeks into our journey!

I have to say that if you are doing the trans siberian Bryn Thomas' book is perfect.

I would like to make clear that whilst he sent the books to us prior to official release we do not know Bryn Thomas personally and this is not a plug on his behalf - I am simply a very satisfied reader who gives credit where it's due.
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Although LP is far from perfect it does the job, of course once they recommend a hostel or restaurant it becomes over-run & isn't the same place they reviewed, not their fault though.

However I wish they would keep their nose's out of the political commentary which is done by morons & safety recommendations for the same reason. All they are accomplishing by these is hurting the local people!! :paradance:
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The question is too general.

FOr Asia and pretty much everywhere else, its Lonely Planet.

For the Americas, its the Footprint guides. The footprint guides have some issues, which I put up with:

1. the maps aren't as good as LP. This means its hard to find some places unless you know the language sometimes.
2. Their descriptions of places are sparse, making it hard to know which sight to see. Still, if you know their code, ie, subdued, you will know that 'good view' means spectacular, and 'spectacular' means 'must see'. YOu have to use your imagination a bit, while LP often leaves nothing to the imagination.

The exception for LP is South America, where their Footprints guide rocks, even if you don't know a lot of Spanish. A little will do. The places they send you to sleep aren't full of flashpackers, and if they say recommended, there is usually a very good reason for it. Their listings are often more accurate than the LP, and the entire South America book is as big as some single country LP books, since they use fewer words and thinner, better paper.

When I thought that the book was wrong, according to local people I contacted concerning a route from Cajamarca to Yurimaquas, I was proven wrong, the book right. NOt that I minded so much. Cajamarca Peru is a very interesting and worthwhile town, as far as I could tell, and I made the time to correct my error in my itinerary, just in CASE I was wrong.

Oh, Let's go. I used one once. I think it means "Let's go buy another Travel book" . It had some out of the way suggestions I liked, but overall, not nearly as useful. Its a bit snide and sarcastic for my taste, I suppose, or was when I looked at them last.


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