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best way- paris> rome> barcelona


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  • Added on: April 17th, 2014
Hey guys, myself and my girlfriend will be traveling from

-Paris to Rome on sept 1st or 2nd
-Rome to Barcelona on sept 4th if overnight or 5th (hotel reservations there on the 5th)

looking for the cheapest way... looks like Paris to Rome is about $600 usd(9hours) for the two of us but can't pull up a price or itinerary for the rome to barcelona...

thinking flying may be the way to go but never done place to place flying over there, always used the rails.

I've heard the flying prices often go up when you consider the airports aren't close to those big cities... is this true? And with my itinerary if I was to fly how far/expensive is it to get to the airports?


If we fly we will both have 1 carry on and 1 checked bag


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  • Added on: April 17th, 2014
Here's some info on Rome to Barcelona in our Italy travel guide.

Train stations are often in or near the major tourist centers, whereas airports naturally are some distance away, meaning you would need to factor in the cost (and time) to get to/from the airports. With some of the budget airlines, they may also fly into smaller satellite airports (think Luton and Stansted in "London") which are even further away and not serviced by public transit.

Still, the extremely low cost of some flights will still put them ahead of train tickets in some cases. So it may depend more on how much hassle you are prepared to deal with to take those flights.
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