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  • Added on: September 10th, 2010
My friend and I are planning an extended trip that starts with doing the Taglit Birthright program. The birthright portion of our trip is obviously a very small component and mostly just a means to get a free plane ticket out of the US but we don't want that ten days to be totally miserable. Does anyone have a specific recommendation for a trip organizer? We are leaning towards Israel Outdoors which is the most explicitly "neutral," according to its website, on matters of religion and politics. Both my friend and I are very proud of our Jewish heritage but come from distinctly secular/atheist/socialist upbringings. We know that all trips are going to have a certain level of zionist propaganda (duh), which neither of us agrees with very much but what else can you expect. So basically I'm just looking for stories of a particularly pleasant (or unpleasant) experience with a specific Birthright trip organizer and any advice you can offer on choosing one.

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