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Booking Kili Treks - How far in advance?


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  • Added on: February 28th, 2011
How far in advance is it recommended to book Kili treks? Planning on climbing in April 2012. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.




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Generally these trips do get booked up very quickly so the sooner the better. Having said that, you won't be wasting your time if you do some decent research first as to which company to climb with. I took 2 months to decide and that was probably one of the best decisions I made regarding the trip. I went with Adventure Alternative (winner of the Virgin Responsible Tourism Award 2009) and I think I speak on behalf of the group I climbed with that our success in getting to the top was largely down to the AA team. http://www.adventurealternative.com/Kil ... Adventures
I booke 6 months before the trip and I was one of the last to sign up in time so get in there fast!

You should give yourself at least 6 months to get in some decent training. Booking this far in advance will help you tailor your training programme and depending on whether you need to buy new kit, it will also give you time to test drive all your gear before getting to Kili. You don't want to find out your kit isn't up to scratch when you get there! Well advance booking will also give you time to advertise your climb if you're looking to recruit some climbing mates. That's what I did and we've stayed good friends ever since!

All the best!

Ryan Lucas

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  • Added on: December 6th, 2011
The longer in advance you book your trip the better. I booked my Kilimanjaro trip about 6 months ahead of time and I was able to pick exactly what dates I wanted to arrive and start my climb. The longer you wait to book the trip the less flexibility you may have in dates to choose. The company I booked through was www.northstarexplorers.com. They were great about answering all my questions had before the trip, as I was pretty new mountain climbing at the time. Good luck on your trip!

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