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Booking Refugio in Torres del Paine


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  • Added on: February 1st, 2008

I've been trying to book the refugios in Torres del Paine national park and was having a heck of time finding a website to do so without incurring booking costs. Most web travel agencies will do it but charge a booking fee from anywhere between 50$ to 100$ USD. I knew it was possible to book directly with the companies that owned them but most of the travel websites pointed me towards Path@gone which doesn't have a functioning site anymore (at least when I checked). The guidebooks weren't any help as well.

So to save others from having to search and to avoid paying the booking fees, here are the websites to reserve directly with the owners:

Fantastico Sur:
Refugios: Torres Norte, Chileno, Cuernos, Torres Central
Cabanas: Los Cuernos

Vertice Patagonia:
Refugio: Paine Grand Lodge

Hope this helps!


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  • Added on: February 1st, 2008
Ye gods, but that's handy - thanks Smile
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Why refugio? Don't have tent/sleeping bag.

Personally I would suggest not getting a refugio. they are expensive and very, very overated per the people who stayed in them while I was there. We camped, which is right next to the refugios, and everyone who camps there can still use the facilities, so essentially you are paying $60 bucks for the same services I got for free. We ate one meal in the refugio b/c we were running out. It was $20 and not good. FWIW.

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