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BootsnAll Comparison of Airfare Booking Websites


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  • Added on: January 31st, 2008
You know how it seems like all the airfare booking sites come up with the same fares, but you feel like you should search them all anyway just in case one of them comes up with a great deal? We know that feeling, too, and so we decided to test seven booking sites against each other to see whether there were any real differences at all. Some of what we found was exactly what we expected to find, and some of the results were a little surprising.

Check out which airfare site is the cheapest and let us know if there are any sites you think are better than the ones we tested!
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  • Added on: January 31st, 2008
have you guys checked out i always do my searches on that. it doesn't let you book, but it shows you which airline has the cheapest so you can book it yourself through your own means. i love it!
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  • Added on: February 1st, 2008
ITA is really cool.

It's also really good if you're using domestic flights to rack up miles for a big award ticket, like you're trying to save up miles to get over an ocean to go somewhere. You can figure out which "routings" give you the most miles if you've got the time to fly them. Sometimes, it only means another short flight or two, and for the "every little bit helps" mentality, that works well.

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