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BootsnAll Patagonia Trip


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  • Added on: January 4th, 2007
BootsnAll is hosting a series of adventures trips this year. One is a 12 day trip to Patagonia. Anyone is welcome to join. Details are available at this link. Contact us if you want to be on the mailing list.

Patagonia Tour Details


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  • Added on: January 19th, 2007
For those of you interested I can only tell you that Patagonia is completely worth it! I am here right now and the scenery is beautiful. You can check out pictures on my blog.

Hope they convince you to make it down here.


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  • Added on: April 4th, 2007
He is quite right - Patagonia is fascinating, although sometimes the scenery is a little arid. Worth the effort and as I have only done it alone the company would be good as it can get a little isolated and you begin to wonder who knows where you are.


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  • Added on: August 24th, 2007
I am trying to plan a trip to the South of Chile to Patagonia, and have questions about the cheapest and most practicle way of doing so. How does one get to Chiloe? From Puerto Montt, how does one get to the National parks with the glaciers? Of course, I would love to do a tour, but I am afraid they are out of my price range.

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  • Added on: August 29th, 2007
How do I join the mailing list?

Robert and William, could you please advise me on reputable companies that I can have good camping trip with in Patagonia? Which city should I go to?



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  • Added on: July 28th, 2008
Hey Donovan,
Can you keep me informed on this Patagonia trip?



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  • Added on: July 28th, 2008

This trip is not running but we have many others for Patagonia that you can check out here:
Hayden Thompson
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  • Added on: December 9th, 2008
Not a very timely response, perhaps, but getting to Chiloé is usually done from Puerto Montt, you take a bus to Ancud or Castro (the two cities on the island), and the bus goes on the ferry between the mainland and Chiloé. There are other ways to get there from "insular Chiloé," or the land mass opposite, but the way I mentioned is the most usual. Let me know if you want more details.

re: "the park with the glaciers," I'm not sure which you mean. The easiest way to get up close and fairly personal with glaciers in Patagonia is to cross the border into Argentina and from El Calafate, take a trip to Glaciar Perito Moreno in the Parque Nacional de Los Glaciares (AR). You can also take a few-day boat trip on the Navimag to Laguna San Rafael, or go to Torres del Paine, accessible from the Chilean town of Puerto Natales (from which you would also leave to get to El Calafate to see the glacier, as mentioned above.)

About camping in Patagonia, I know of no outfitters, but if you are willing to schlep your own stuff, you can rent decent gear in Puerto Natales and bring it along to TDP (mentioned above), or even rent tent space and sleeping mats (though I think you bring your own sleeping bag) like you would rent a refugio in the park.

Let me know if you have more questions. I've been a number of times.



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  • Added on: January 26th, 2009
Travel is the best way to discover any culture. I love to travel which help me to the explore and learn culture of this fascinating and diverse country. I wish there was something planned for the summer! I am a Computer Engineer and have of vacation time in summer, but none at all when all these trips are planned. :(
If you need information regarding a Chile wine tour PM me.


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  • Added on: January 26th, 2009
I wanto to go to Patagonia! But I've allready planned most of my vacation for this year, so I can't come on this trip. It's currently on my planning for 2010 ;)
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