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  • Added on: March 25th, 2004
At BootsnAll, we strive to cultivate an organic travel community that fosters independent travel. We love members who don’t visit Bootsnall once a year to plan their vacation, but rather visit every few days to contribute their insight and to learn and share their experiences concerning world travel. Just like Luke Skywalker needed Obi Wan Kenobi’s knowledge to become a Jedi Knight, a number of our new members need your all-knowing travel knowledge so they can take those first few steps on the path less traveled.

If you’re going to contribute your wisdom, here are the guidelines for the BootsnAll Travel Community:

Participation in is a PRIVILEGE, not a right. We reserve the right to delete your posts and/or ban you from this forum and/or without prior warning. It is your responsibility to read these rules and to try to maintain the content and direction of your posts. The less we have to babysit our members, the more time we have to find you quality, free, hard-to-find, travel news, info and insight.

Just like poker, there are house rules. If you get caught cheating or with a card up your sleeve, you’re out – no exceptions:

1. No abusive posts. Personal attacks based on sexual preference, religion, nationality, race, etc, will not be tolerated.

2. No inflammatory or threatening posts are allowed.

3. Usernames, avatars, and signatures may not contain offensive, obscene, or abusive images or slogans.

4. Do not post the same message in multiple forums.

5. You may use profanity on BootsnAll except in situations where it is deemed excessive or used to attack other users.

6. Do not post nudity or offensive pictures. You may post links but must mark them as NSFW (Not Safe for Work).

7. Do not post someone else’s private information such as home address or phone number without their permission. In most cases this is a violation of your Internet service provider contract.

8. Accounts intentionally created to resemble other accounts in order to deceive or attack other forum members will be banned.

9. Do not post gibberish, excessive punctuation or smileys, or "test" messages.

10. Classified ads are not allowed on the forums. This includes ads for hostels, services and websites.

11. You may link to one website in your signature. However, signatures deemed too long or inappropriate will be edited or removed, and the poster warned.

12. Post country-specific questions in the Destination Forums, instead of the BootsnAll Members Forum. You will likely receive a much better response.

13. If you want to chat with a member, don't use the Forums to banter back and forth. The Forums were created as a way to share valuable travel information and we would like to keep them somewhat focused. (For Chatty stuff, please use the Chit-Chat Forum or Private Messages)

14. Keep in mind that it is MUCH easier to delete a whole thread than individual messages so if a certain thread has a large amount of garbage in it, the entire thing will be deleted, regardless of whether it had any useful information in it.

15. Take responsibility for your own posts, because we will not. By using a forum you agree to hold blameless and without responsibility for any trauma experienced.

16. Your BootsnAll membership can be revoked for violating any of the posted rules, or ignoring specific instructions from the administrator or any moderator. Continued abuse of the Forums or attempts to get around a ban will result in banishment from access to the entire website.

To understand BootsnAll's travel wisdom, secrets and enlightenment on a much deeper level - visit BootsnAll Code of Conduct.

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  • Added on: April 10th, 2009
Hi, I was thinking, as I drank my coffee and read the europe forum, might it be helpful to have posting guidelines pinned on each of the destination forums? Now there is nothing wrong with the guidelines above. But not everyone will necessarily pause to read the guidelines page when they first sign up to a new forum. Posting some guidelines in each of the destination forums could make the guidelines more visible. Just a thought...
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