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Buenos Aires


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  • Added on: April 4th, 2011
My wife and I are going to Buenos Aires in July. I am wondering what neighborhoods are the best to stay in. We are in our 30s and not really partying anymore. Definitely want to hit cool bars, etc... just don't want to hear clubs raging while we're trying to sleep!

Congreso? Palermo?


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  • Added on: April 6th, 2011
I personally recommend San Telmo. Cool artsy scene, the Sunday "Feria" is busy but fun and otherwise it's not particularly touristy though there are plenty of places to stay, cafes, bars and restaurants. Good vibe and close to the Subway for accessing other parts of the city.

I felt Palermo a bit too upscale for my tastes but that's just me, and a it's a little more expensive. San Telmo is a bit more down to earth IMHO. Others like Palermo a lot though, nice bars and restaurants.

I also recommend a day at the Horse Races in San Isidro for a really fun kind of offbeat day out, and the best Parrillada had in Argentina is at #2009 "Ciudad de La Paz" off the "Juramento" stop on the greenline (a bit of a journey but worth it). It's an absolute hole-in-the-wall, just a countertop place, but was recommended to us by our local friends and was by far the best meal we had in 6 weeks in Argentina and possibly on our 14 month Latin America trip. Best steak i've ever had and try the Provoleta al Tomate too if you go there.

BA kicks ass. Enjoy.
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  • Added on: April 7th, 2011
Palermo is a good option, although all the city is nice.
Last November my wife and I was in BA, staying at different neighbourhoods. Three days we stayed in Palermo, at Dumont Boutique Hotel, it's good if you don't like to live on a big hotel. The staff speak english too.
Well, there in Palermo Hollywood it's very calm and charmful. You feel safe and the people has a sort of Italian style. Besides it's close to all that you can get in Palermo (look on this map att Plaza Serrano, Avenue Santa Fe at the north and Avenue Cordoba at the south. map)
Easy for walking, and taxis are all around. But there are of course many hotels closer to the gran avenues and subway stations as well.
From Palermo it's easy to get to other neighbourhoods as Recoleta, Downtown and San Telmo.
Have a nice trip! You'll love it!


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  • Added on: April 18th, 2011
Palermo is a great option.. or Recoleta.. You'll be located on the green line (subway) which will take you to a number of great neighborhoods.. San Telmo is a decent option but might not be as safe at night.. just from my experience. You love BsAs tho!

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