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Bunac/USIT versus Department of Foreign Affairs


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  • Added on: July 13th, 2009
I am looking to spend a few months living and working in Ireland :) (working holiday visa)

However, I am trying to figure out the difference between the Bunac/USIT programs which state that a person has to be in the country within 6 months of graduating (I will not be) and the Department of Foreign Affairs which lists that I have 12 months after graduation until I need to enter the country.

Does anyone know why the difference? If I go through the with application on the DFA website, can I get any job in Ireland (Hostel, pub, etc...)

DFA: http://www.dfa.ie/home/index.aspx?id=73713

USIT: www.workandtravelireland.org

Bunac: http://www.bunac.org/usa/workInIreland/


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You will have to forgive me as its been several years since I was getting my work permit but this is the basics of what I remember.

To get a work permit through the government you have to have a job offer in hand already and that job offer must be for a "skilled" job. In otherwords something you need a college degree for.

I went with USIT when I got my work permit. They were able to get me a work permit for any type of job and as far as I remember I didn't need to have an offer already.

As for your question about the time from graduation, USIT is meant to be used by students. If you aren't coming till a year after you're out of college, well then you aren't a student.

I hope this helps! If you have any more questions feel free to give me a yell.
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The Department of Foreign Affairs programme is far more competitive with only 5,000 permits issued, as it allows for qualified candidates (current college students and those within a year of graduating) to apply for a 12 month work permit based on their skills. You have to submit a range of documentation (CV, passport, proof of college education, bank statement with 1,500/return ticket) directly to your nearest Irish consulate.

In contrast, the USIT/BUNAC programmes are for college students and very recent graduates to get work permits for up to 4 months - over a summer, for example. You apply directly to these companies and pay them for the service. These are not competitive, and pretty much anyone who applies will get this.

So if you were interested in coming over, you should apply for the 12-month DFA programme since you are not eligible to apply for the USIT/BUNAC scheme.

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