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canada snow season work?


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  • Added on: August 6th, 2009
hey every one i want to travel to canada for the snow season to work, just wondering how hard is it to get a job and how would i go about it. i want any job at the moment and i am looking to do it in 2010.



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  • Added on: August 14th, 2009
This is kind of a wide open question. For the work visa part, I would recommend you just google it up and see how it works.

Are you looking to work in the snow, is that what you mean? Like a ski hill or the such? The ski hills generally have a set day, or week, each year where they take applications to work on the hill for the upcoming season. You'd have to look up hills in the area you plan to be in, but I think this is usually a Sept/Oct kind of time frame maybe?

If you just want a job in general, then I don't know what to tell you really. It's like any other country in that it depends on your experience and what you're looking to do. Give us some details and maybe we'll have some more specific advice.


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Tell me what skills you have, and I'll tell you what kind of job to look for in the ski resort industry. Since I've never worked in Canada, I can't help you with specific references. It has been done before, though you don't get rich doing it unless you are:

1: an administrator(Not likely you'll get this one)

2: Mechanic(Not likely you'll get this one. Mechanically inclined locals get first and second shots)

3: Well paid snowmaker(Not likely you'll get this one. Beginning snowmakers are underpaid and overworked)

4: Professional ski teacher (If you have long experience as a ski instructor, they might hire you and you might do very well. But if you had this, you wouldn't be posting this question) Beginning ski teachers barely get any pay at all, and are expected to do it in order to BECOME a Pro. Paying your dues and all that. Most of those already have a bit of money, and are the family of locals.

5: Ski Patrol- Once more, if you know about this option and have all your international certifications, you won't have been posting this.

Less paid work

Kitchen and dogsbody work: Depends on the situation where you look for work.

Lift attendant: Its possible, but you have to apply for the position and see. Apply to more than one. Make calls now. Very often the same people who run the resort in the summer then run it in the Winter, and they're often looking for bodies. The pay isn't great, and its tough work. It's better if you're male and bigger. Big women seem to like it as well, but you have to be willing to duck in and out of fast moving metal chairs while helping people and children mount them. Most women don't like this idea. It seems too much like suicide until you get used to the idea.

Rental shop: It doesn't pay well, but you might get a berth if the people that work there aren't the under 18 family of everyone else that works on the mountain, as it is on my resort.


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  • Added on: September 10th, 2009
Hi there!!

Canada offers a visa for young people who wish to come here on a working holiday.

You can find more information here: ... x?lang=eng

As for jobs, there are lots. If you want to work during the winter season, and also at a resort such as Banff or Jasper, you could try googling the major ski resorts.



There are lots of other jobs at retail stores or in the restaurants, and hotels that are not affiliated with resorts.

You could try some job boards, like,, or the canada job bank:

You could also come here for a visit and start handing out resumes, or email them. Posting your resume on a job board might also be a good idea.



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you might like to try this website:

it's got info on working at different ski resorts and there's information about working in canada

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where are you from ? that will foremost determine your chances for working in Canada. If you are from the USA, it is possible to get a working holiday style visa if you meet certain qualifications and, of course, pay a fee. having a right to work will definitlety increase your odds in getting one of the jobs mentioned above...
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Canada has winter, spring, summer and fall. However the weather and strength of these seasons varies across the country.

The west coast of British Columbia, including Vancouver, has a reasonable climate year round and thus the seasons are less distinct from one another. Overall, the west coast has summers that aren't as warm nor winters that are as resentfully cold as say, Toronto or Montreal.
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Ha! Working in the cold during the winter? No thanks, I will be summering in British Columbia during the off season (which still has seasonal labor opportunities)! And I can't wait to leave... though, looks like life is throwing some forks in my road. Got a job opportunity tomorrow that, if offered, I might not pass up and then they'll be no Pacific Northwest for me! Might be a long hot one in Texas. We shall see.
Netherlands in April, Pacific Northwest in June, then on up to work at the family business, a Victoria BC hotel for tourist season... then a hop over to Montreal for the fall (hopefully)! A traveler's life for me!

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