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Central America: Best Expat Places to Live


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  • Added on: June 16th, 2008
Hello Everyone:

What places in Central America would you recommend to those considering living ovberseas?

Thanks in advance.


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It very much depends on what kind of settings you enjoy. The convenience of big, westernized cities? The excitement of big, unwesternized cities? The creature comforts of a university town? The beach? The jungle? A house in the country where the nearest neighbor is a few miles away?

Central America's a big place with lots of different options available. Give us a little bit about yourself, and I'm sure the responses will come pouring in.

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Why are you limiting your search to Central America? There are many great places to live in South America and the climate isn't as humid in some of them. My wife and I have been looking into Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia (although the latter isn't our first choice by any means). So far Chile tops our list. I've found some good info about visas, etc. on this site http://www.realestateinchile.com . Whatever you decide, I look forward to hearing about your experience.

New to the board. Hello all. If Mcain gets elected we'll be coming back here often because I'll want to get out of the US again ASAP. The last eight years have been HELL and I don't look forward to four more of them. :-)


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I have met International Living subscribers throughout C&S America. As a retired merchant mariner I have visited 50+ countries and lived in Europe and Asia. Thes days I spend at least a month each winter backpacking around C or S America.

It is mind boggling to see a baby boomer who spends a week in a country and leaves buying into real estate for many, many thousands of dollars. They do not speak the language, have no experience being an ex-pat. With IL they fly into town, get a presntation by numerous real estate agents, hop on a bus to visit the areas they are interested in and sign the dotted line.

My advice is to rent for 6 months. During that time you will meet many ex-pats. More often then not they have experienced/lived in numerous countries. They are your greatest source of 1st hand info.

My choice would be Panama. Flights are numeous and short from the USA. The roads are the best. Lots of discounts for the senior citizen. The USD is used and American banks have branches there. Numerous American box stores available. Supermarkets with all those American products you love. Bus transport is excellent. Probably the best medical in C&S America. Satelite TV and cell phones the cheapest. Mountains or beaches within hours drive. A great many ex-pat communities exist. A stable government. Pretty damn safe. Without question no other Central American country is as modern. The least anti-yankee sentiment. Due to the canal and geo location the future economic prosperity is more promising.

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