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Central Asian Film Event, Toronto.


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Tags: central asia, film, swag, event, toronto, canada, Fundraising
  • Added on: December 16th, 2012

I am trying to organize a Central Asian related film event in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to raise some funds for various organizations. In need help looking some movie recommendations, and potential sponsors. If you have some advice I would love to hear it!
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  • Added on: December 16th, 2012
Interesting question, interesting region.

I browse this website for central asian goings on, they cover all kinds of stuff.

I just quickly googled your question and turned up this:

The press is highly censored in your target area, and money for art/film projects is hard to come by as well.

But I can advise that if you wanted to do a deeper internet search on the subject, English is not your friend. Searching in Russian will turn up lots more information, as Russian is widely spoken in the region. Yandex.ru is the google of Russian speakers. Yandex is actually a great search engine but has no English option.

Perhaps you can find a Russian speaker to help you?


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  • Added on: December 20th, 2012

Ya you are right...but more and more films are being released so it should be interesting what I can show. I have found some Russian speakers and others to help me. Thanks for the advice...I will keep you posted on the progress!
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