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Central Asian plan, Advice?


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So I will be leaving for Bishkek on July 15, and spending 1 month in Kochkor then 1 month Karakol when I am done I would like to Visit Kazazkh stan and Uzbeckistan. I plan to do travel these 2 countries for a month, Kazakhstan by bus and Uzbeckistan by train the whole trips. here is my itinerary is it realistic? I would begin the trip by taking a bus into Almaty from Bishkek?

(bus Tashkent)


From what it seems I can save 1000$ if I fly in and out of Bishkek when I leave via Bufflo NY state. I was thinking that I might extend my trip by 3 weeks and take a train from Bishkek to Moscow ->St. Petersburg and back to Biskek cause it would make more sense. Is that a crazy idea? I was also hoping to stay with couch surfers in most of the major cities? Any feed back would be greatly appreciated!
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Lets start with the last thing first. You will not get a visa for Russia while in Central Asia. You MUST get it in your home country. Problem is they are only valid for a maximum of 3 months. So you won't have the time to do it.

Almaty to Astana is a super long trip (and then back) i highly recommend you take the train. And while it looks logical to cut through the middle, it would involve at least 4 connections from Astana to Kylorda, there are no direct buses going that way. You will have to backtrack to Almaty, then head to Aralsk.

Getting out of Aralsk can be tough. Make sure you buy your ticket as soon as you arrive.

Keep in mind, much of Kazakhstan (certainly Astana and Almaty) are European prices. If you have a strict budget, i would suggest taking as little time as possible. Besides, Kazakhstan is by far the least interesting 'Stan.

The Uzbekistan plan seems fine.
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