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Challenge Yourself: Waterfall-Sliding Area in Hoa Phu Thanh

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  • Added on: May 19th, 2016
Located in Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city, the waterfall sliding area of Hoa Phu Thanh is being chosen by travelers at weekends with many exciting games. Not only for the adventurous young people, it is also for families who want to go picnic at the weekend.

The waterfall skiing area of Hoa Phu Thanh sliding started to operate since February 2013 with a lot of new, strange and appealing tourism products. Owning its unique style, this area features the river and stream with the length of 3km, flowing around the top of the hill and under green trees.

The most attractive thing in Hoa Phu Thanh is the game of sliding waterfall with 2 people in each boat. There are two shifts one day, one at 10am and the other at 2 pm. The price is about 8 USD/ pax, the playtime is about 30-45 minutes depending on the large or small group.

Before playing, you will wear swimwear. You should not bring personal belongings, valuables such as phone, wallet. After the clothing preparation is completed you must wear life jacket, helmet and hear your guide showing how to play (how to sit on boat, how to move, dodge obstacles ...). Then you will be taken to the watershed area and begin the journey to conquer the slip road of 2.5 km long with many large and small waterfalls.

The whole waterfall is about 3 km long; sometimes there is a large lake for everyone to take a break and recharge before continuing the journey.

Water in the last lake is quite shallow; for those who cannot swim, let wear a life jacket to enjoy cool swim without any fear.
Coming to the area, you can also participate in the first Zipline in Danang with a total length of over 300m. This new game was put into operation in July 2015 with 2 -cable chute with high safety for travelers.

Zipline here take places pretty fast due to the short chute however it also brings a new feeling for tourists playing this game for the first time. This game is not difficult to play, you just need to wear protective gear and check before sliding.

Waterfall sliding area of Hoa Phu Thanh, located in Hoa Vang district continues to Ba Na Hills resort and Ngam Doi Resort, Suoi Hoa resort, Suoi Doi hot spring resort, Lai Thieu Resort, etc. Each area carries a unique identity and style creating a tourism complex in the West of the city in order to serve for tourists at different ages.

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