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Cheap & Free City Guides for Europe


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  • Added on: January 31st, 2010
I personally really like the city guides. They're mostly on venues, but still worth a visit. There's guides on Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Ibiza, London, Miami, Paris, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, South Africa, and Vienna. I just wished their iPhone app wasn't that pricy...


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I'm living in Pristina right now, capital of Kosovo. I think it's a great city, very small and seems very safe. I have photos and some info on the place on my blog, I'll be putting up more as the time goes by. For any specific questions about Kosovo PM me.
My travel/living in Kosovo blog


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hey do let me know that without using any guide can we travel in an easy way or we need a better guide????i myself believe that guide is the best thing in order to make your tour proper and organzied....
do reply


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  • Added on: October 22nd, 2010
Its probably a good idea for you to do a bit of research before you travel anywhere. You need to know what you should/shouldn't do and its always good to get a bit of knowledge before you arrive.
I personally quite like doing tours but obviously it depends how good your guide is!


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When visiting Sarajevo suggest Free Sarajevo Walking Tours. Its great thing to do for a quick rundown of all Sarajevo has to offer on journey from the Ottoman Empire to the Austro-Hungarian to the war period(92-95) till now (architectural and historical facts).


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Good city guides for for major cities

Lots of cheap free stuff listed there

Plus cheap lodging.

Happy Travels,


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  • Added on: February 16th, 2011
patricia23 wrote:What is the average cost of budget hotels all over Europe? and How to pick hotels in Europe?

There are many site that can tell you about hotels in Europe but it would be helpful if you could specify the country in which you are interested.

Travelling Canuck

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Definitely look at It's a fantastic guide book with hilariously honest reviews of restaurants/bars/clubs/cafes/museums/monuments/hostels/hotels/b&bs...everything you could possibly think of! Prices are included and it's nice to have an honest review for once... It also contains a ton of history on the city itself and also districts/areas within the city. You can access it online for various countries/cities. Once in the city itself, you can pick one up a tourist office for a small price, but I found that the majority of the hostels I stayed in had copies laying around for free. Cannot recommend enough!
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a good list of all the major tourist destinations in the world, i think people would be most imterested in reading about them, good information for tourism lovers
I love traveling. I am currently working on two websites Dubai Fun Holidays and


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