Figure out the best way to get from Central to South America, when you should book your accommodations for Carnaval and local language school recommendations. If it's on South America, it's in this forum.

Cheap & Free City Guides for South America


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Consider this your table of contents to the Cheap & Free City Guides that have been written for South America. If you'd like to add to one of the existing ones, feel free - better yet, start your own about a city not yet listed! For information on how the guides got started, and ideas on what to put in yours, check out this thread. And when you've written yours, please send me a PM so I can add it to this list.

Cheap & Free in South America
Nothing here yet - start a guide today!
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In Peru, restaurants known as cebicherías serve more than the marinated fish called ceviche. The menu may intimidate those who can't tell lenguado (sole) from langosta (lobster). Don't worry—just order a series of dishes to share. Local families pass around huge platters of pescado until they are picked clean, then gesture to the server for the next course. I love their food. I am a big food lover. :D
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I think this is a wonderful compilation of information that may come in handy for an occasional traveler to even a seasoned one. Thanks for sharing this detail here. 8-)

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