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Cheap & Free Prague


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  • Added on: November 20th, 2006
Prague has many hills and is great to see from above. Many of the places listed below have wicked views. They don't call it "The City of A Thousand Spires" for nothing!

Despite what you may hear, the trams and Metro are NOT free. Getting busted without a ticket costs more than a monthly pass!!

* National Museum (Narodni Muzeum) is free the first Monday of every month.

* Vyšehrad Park and Cemetery - the oldest and dare I say most beautiful part of Prague. Many Czech heros are buried here. Has spectacular views! (free)

* Žižkov Hill with the Monument to National Liberation and the statue of Jan Žižka is free and also has great views.

* Seminarska/Kinskeho Zahrada - massive park on the hill above Malá Strana that leads to Petřín Tower (Eiffel Tower look-alike). Many trails and a wee pub if you can find it. Great view also.

* Letenské Sady (or Letná) - another big park across the river from Old Town that has many trails and a perfect view. (more below)

* Valdštejnská Zahrada - nice park underneath the castle with a great view and a big fountain.

* St Ludmilla Church in Náměstí Míru is free and very nice.

* Břevnovský Klášter in the close-in suburb of Břevnov is free and has a massive beautiful park with ancient ruins stretching back to 993. Take tram 22 from underneath the castle at Malostranská.

* There are frequently very cheap tickets to shows at the National Theater (Narodni Divadlo). You won't have the greatest seats, but you will see a great show!

***(With Student ID cards most places apart from the castle become quite cheap)***

Do make sure to visit the beer gardens in Prague. The two best are in Letenské Sady and Riegrovy Sady in Žižkov. While both places sell Gambrinus beer for very reasonable prices, you can also bring your own drinks.

And obviously it doesn't cost anything to walk around "The City Of A Thousand Spires" and take in the remarkable collection of buildings representing over 1000 years of European architecture.


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  • Added on: November 20th, 2006
This is good to see! Eventually I hope to make a weekend trip (day trip if I'm really broke Smile) up there - maybe you know of some cheap used book stores??
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  • Added on: November 20th, 2006
Thanks Fugazi!

Anyone else with cheapie Prague tips, this is the spot to post them.
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If you want to know what there is to see in prague there is a free download for google earth showing placemarks of all the sights and transportation hubs at

It is really usefull to look around a town you want to visit using Google Earth so that you can get familiar with the layout. There are other European town files there as well.


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Don't forget the classic:

The Charles Bridge at sunset can be spectacular, and you get free music from the buskers as well.

Ditto on the National theatre, and a few others. I got a ticket in the nosebleed section for about 30 Koruns. I saw a very passable opera!!!

A friend of mine saw the Marriage of Figaro for the same price, though that was for standing room only.

The Mucha Museum is relatively cheap, and well worth seeing.

You can walk around the Praque castle area for free, and even see the gardens for spectacular views.

Eating in this area is NOT to be recommended if cheap is on your mind. Bring a bag lunch.
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  • Added on: January 24th, 2013
There's still a handful of places that are off the radar of your average Prague tourist. Contrary to popular belief, Prague can still be a cheap place to travel and with a lot of cool bars, galleries, and hidden hip places. As an expat living in Prague for eight years, I recommend checking my article out for the top off-the-beaten-path Prague sights in my website below.
An Alternative Guide to Prague


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  • Added on: February 27th, 2013
Thank you so much for this. I have always wanted to go to Prague and I think that when you get something for cheap or free it is just as good as paying big bucks for it. I will take your list into consideration. I have heard that the Tram in Prague was free. Thanks for clearing that up as well. It would be rather costly if you did get caught if you assumed that it was free.

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