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  • Added on: May 10th, 2005
Some questions come up again and again. They are hard questions for people to sort out when thinking about being on the road for such a long time. Here are some threads you may want to read. If you find a thread that ought be included here, PM me with the link, and I'll add it.

About Money

banking whilst on the road...
Budget Recommendations for 2 travellers RTW

Criticize my budget & itinerary (please)
Travelling as a couple: effect on budget
RTW Budget - Is this Enough?
How Much?
Online Banking while traveling
Which Bank?
Everyone's favorite topic.....Money and Budgets/flights..... I need Advice
Opinions on my RTW budget.
2 people - 2 year RTW trip $100k budget
How did you raise the $$$
Asia Overland = money question
Discussion Topic What would you budget for any of these countries?
Another comprehensive, old-skool question about money, from very confused Brit..Help! Budgets on the road
My route and finances for your benefit
Critique my RTW budget/plan - Bonus: Useful excel spreadsheet for everyone to use.
Any comments on my budget? Please Ideal Budget
My Budget estimates: Accurate? Years budget (advice please)
unoriginal question(8 month RTW)
Decisions, decisions...got$5kusd, time and freedom. What to do?
Budget One Year Around the World for Two
How much $ to shoestring around India for a year?
funding for your trip
Ok you Vagabonders, I have a money question.
Your Cheapest rwt trip
Money vs. Weight
Daily Budgets
Europe on $5 per day
Traveller's Checks - is there a formula?
What Bank to Store RTW funds
Rough Budget for RTW
How much cash?
Approximate Daily Budget
Long-term, low-budget trip to??
estimated budget for rtw trip?
Another "Have I got enough money?" question
Reentry $tash
funding question
RTW with no $
LP's cost per day accurrate?
funds to re-start after RTW?
How much money will I need?
Budget Travel
money belts
RTW travel advice on Money
Plan Your RTW Trip

Luggage Security

baggage security??
Anyone heard of PacSafe?
Fricking Pacsafe
backpack security
PacSafe mesh ruck sack security - ever used?
is it ok to leave your backpack in the hostel while going around?
Pacsafe - Necessary evil?
Backpackers backpack
Concern about Robbery

Depression on the Road
How to handle those lonely times on the road.
Is Solo Travel Lonely Travel?

Also, here is the BootsnAll RTW FAQ list, too.

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