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Cost/day in Luquillo, PR

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  • Added on: September 4th, 2010
Ok, first of all - Yes, I'm still alive, for those who missed me :)

Going to Luquillo, PR in February and I'm trying to figure out cost per day per person, not counting accommodation/flights. Looking for the full picture: What do we HAVE to spend to eat and drink well and do little other than lie on the beach, and what COULD we spend to do a major tourist attraction each day (El Yunque, BioBay, Old San Juan etc.), bring souvenirs home for everyone and eat/drink?

Muchas gracias :)
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  • Added on: September 8th, 2010
I looked into accomodations, and found nothing cheaper than 80 dollars a night. Apparently on the web, there are only tourist-oriented beach type places. So, if you're resigned to that, great!

Now, it being a tourist trap kind of place, my guess is that you'll be spending at least what you'd spend in a USA resort, ie, 2-3 dollars for a coca-cola, etc, foot at least 20 dollars a plate in a reasonable restaurant, etc. Course, once you have your beach place, you could just sit in your chair and drink cheaper drinks bought in a supermarket, cooled down in your 5 dollar styrofoam cooler you've bought in a store and some ice from the ice machine in your resort.

So, If _I_ were going there, I'd budget about 50 dollars a day per person plus accomodation/flight if you intend to eat out twice or three times in reasonably comfortable places. No law against having a few 3 dollar hot dogs, and saving money, of course. If your place has a stove, you can save money by buying pancake mix and some eggs, etc, and make breakfast for yourself before you went out. I know we did that in Portland Maine, and found it very relaxing. Aunt Jemima now makes a water-only pancake mix of surprisingly good quality.

Don't know about transport, but I do know there are some fun forts in Puerto Rico, since I did stay there once, years and years ago as a child. We visited a very nice fort. Then my sister got sick and my parents never saw the outside of the suite we booked. Oh, and from there, if you have the budget, you can fly to the Virgin Islands, if I recall correctly.

Feel good flying Seaborne Airlines, offering daily flights between St. Croix, St. Thomas, San Juan and Vieques islands. Seaborne flies more than 175,000 passengers annually with our two divisions of high quality and convenient air transportation throughout the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

The seaplane: flying frequently between the harbors of downtown St. Croix and St. Thomas, passengers enjoy the convenience of “downtown to downtown” service and a spectacular flying experience as you take off and land on water, flying at a low altitude so you can enjoy the magnificent scenery.

Get the drift? My brother found it enjoyable. I never went myself. I can say that there is something special about taking a small plane to places, IF you don't have a fear of flying......

I hope this helps.


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  • Added on: September 14th, 2010
I would not class Luquillo as being a tourist trap area.

There are plenty of local restaurants, road side food stalls and typical fast food chains where you will be able to find food to suit your budget. At the roadside food kiosks near Luquillo beach you can find typical inexpensive Puerto Rican snack foods as well as kiosks serving seafood, Puerto Rican dishes (not snack food) as well as burgers etc...

For trip ideas.

as you will be in Luquillo you will want to have a car to get around.

Old San Juan is 45-60mins away - car parks in OSJ are reasonably priced. There is a free trolley that will get you around (albeit slowly), but best way to see OSJ is to just walk around. Sites include - El Morro Fort and San Cristobal Fort ($3 each or $5 for both). San Juan Cathedral, several museums (price varies but not expensive), open air plazas, restaurants, food stalls, Paseo de la Princessa promenade

El Yunque - if you want to check out the trails - there is no cost - if you go to the visitor center there is an entrance fee - plenty of trails depending on how much walking you want to do

Bio Bay - 2 options - do the one in Fajardo (Laguna Grande) by kayak or electric boat - most operators charge about the same
take an even cruise over to Vieques to do the Bio Bay there - east wind catemeran offers this tour with dinner included
note: Vieques Bio Bay is currently the ONLY one where you can swim

Guavate would be a good option on a weekend - very busy with locals who go for the music and of the LECHON :o) (roast pig) just google guavate for more info

You can spend as much or as little as you want on a daily basis - obviously if you are staying in one of the bigger resorts in Rio Grande (close to Luquillo) then you will pay resort prices for food, drinks etc.

Hope that helps

Tracy Ann

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  • Added on: October 6th, 2010
Thanks for the info!! :)

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