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counter culture experience


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  • Added on: June 20th, 2007

I'm interested in the counter culture experiences to be had in our world. Unfortunately many people look down on stuff like this, and so-called wise travellers would tell me how to walk my path. I intend to indulge when I travel, and not only with the social norm. Why is it, so many people that say travel opens your mind, turn around and scold those who travel in search of experience, by path of drugs or other uncommon means.

Are drugs not a form of altered perception, uncertainty, and new experience? What does everyone think of people using drugs or participating in other counter culture activities(music, games, late night oddities, sexual fantasies) while travelling. If you are looking to be jarred and surprised, why not doubly? Is it only because of the laws?

Let me state more clearly, I hope to see things in the south, that sane men will not see. I hope to see that which only the chaotic fire burning will reveal. And I always hope to keep my freedom. Such experiences can not only be suitable in familiar environments. Any thoughts?
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  • Added on: June 22nd, 2007
I'm not going to scold you for your pursuits, in fact, I applaud them. The Hagia Sophia is a completely different place on acid -- I felt I could see through the many layers of paint and centuries of history and bond with the builders of the place. I'm sure my Byzantinist friend would say there's plenty to see there without resorting to mild-altering chemicals, but I'd have to retort that there's even more to see with them.

Another memorable experience occured in Goreme when fate and bad trail-following placed me on the roof of 60-year-old Mustafa's cave house. He greeted me, invited me down the ladder into his den and proceded to pull a bag of weed from under one of the many multicolored cushions therein. We sat, smoked and chatted away the afternoon. The call to prayer from the towns two mosques wafted into our cave, creating a most mystical environment -- interestingly, the Turkish word for hashish (esrar) is the same as the word for mystery.

Some experiences just seem designed for chemical enhancement; others, like driving and teaching are a different kettle of fish. I'd say in the right time and place, drugs, be they caffeine, alcohol, mesculin, etc., can be really wonderful things. People who feel otherwise need not worry about it. I feel the same way about religion: despite my complete disbelief, I'm all for people believing what they will. In both of these contexts, the limit to acceptable behavior should be whether or not it affects others -- crusades, drunk-driving, jihads and dosing someone else's drink just aren't right.
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  • Added on: February 21st, 2009
You did the Hagia Sophia on acid??? Dude, you've just jumped a few levels on the path to buddha-hood in my book. I'm in awe - and I am a cynical bitch and it is damn difficult to impress me these days.

Back to the OP - I get worried when anyone talks about the "counter culture." My first thought was, this guy will be smoking pot with all the other neo-hippies in Dahab and thinking, look how hip and alternative I am. The counter-culture can be just as herd-like as the dominant culture. In some ways, I've found it to be even more narrow and confining than the mainstream; there are just so many unspoken rules.

If you're talking about diving head long into life, then do it.

And if you're just talking about getting high, fine. Chemicals, to me, are just one more pathway to explore, one more form of adventure - though at 43 they usually don't interest me as much as they did at 23.
Michael C

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  • Added on: March 2nd, 2009
I agree with Michael above. I advise not falling into the counter culture norm b/c it does exist. I have been in it and it is not all it's cracked up to be. Now of course I say this just traveling around the US and not overseas yet, but plan on 5-6 months in SEA soon.
When I first read your post I thought of a quote by Mark Twain;

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause
and reflect."

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