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Crossing Pakistan into Iran


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I am planning to drive from India to Europe soon and I am wondering about the security situation in Balochistan. On the embassy websites it is advised not to travel to Quetta and on the road to the border, but I wonder what the vibe is on the ground. Has anyone traveled this recently or do you know where I can get the latest security update?


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Looks like there's nobody around who did I just tell you what I know.

I traveled Pakistan and went as far west as Peshawar. I've met plenty of travelers who came overland from India into Pakistan. I have not heard one story of problems when doing it.

The situation in Pakistan is the following: there are dangerous regions where bad things could/would happen to good people. However, Pakistanis won't go there, even the Pakistani army doesn't really go there. It's tribal land under tribal rules. So, if you'd go there, you might get into trouble. However, your chances of actually making it there are 0. People won't let you. You can't just buy a ticket on a bus and go there. You'd have to go through quite some effort to get there. This basically means, that if you stick on the 'traditional routes' from Pakistan to Iran, you will most likely be fine. I've even met motor bike riders who crossed over from and to Iran. All were and still are fine.

The biggest threat would be bandits robbing a train really. But they are just out for your money and valuables. They are not Taliban. They are not AlQaida. They are bandits.

Do your research. But if the Pakistani government lets you buy train tickets, you should be fine. Pakistan doesn't need more bad press. They don't need a foreigner being kidnapped. So they look out that you don't do anything stupid and get yourself into trouble.

I wouldn't worry too much. Just listen to the locals. I spent 1.5 month in Pakistan and absolutely loved it. So, I'd say: go ahead with your plan.

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