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Daily Travel News 05.04.04


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  • Added on: April 5th, 2004
High Risks Large Prepayments Justify Modest Travel Insurance

"Should you buy travel insurance? The answer depends on you and on your trip."

Russian Traveller Ends Trans-Atlantic Voyage

"FALMOUTH (UK), April 4 (Itar-Tass) -- Russian traveler Fyodor Konyukhov has ended a trans-Atlantic voyage on board the Alye Parusa Trade House giant yacht. The yacht reached the port of Falmouth at 6:20 p.m. London time (9:20 p.m. Moscow time) on Sunday. The traveler has covered 2,575 nautical miles between a point east of Newport (USA) and Falmouth (the UK)."

(Well done!)

Osprey Pack Review

"What: A one-pack-does-it-all for weekend outdoors persons who want a day pack in which they can get enough gear to also do an overnighter."

"Fly Free" Promotion

"As one of only 500 agencies nationwide designated as a Preferred Sandals Specialist, Bonne Amie Travel is pleased to offer Royal Plantation Spa & Golf Resort’s exclusive “Fly Free” promotion. With this promotion, clients of Bonne Amie Travel that book seven nights or more at Royal Plantation now through June 30, 2004 for travel through December 12, 2004 will receive complimentary round trip airfare from Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Baltimore, New York and Philadelphia when flying on Air Jamaica, American Airlines or US Airways. As a bonus, this promotion may be combined with Royal Plantation’s “Three’s Free” promotion: Offering every third night free, a 33 1/3 % savings."

Britain to Reduce Travel warnings

"The British Foreign Office announced last week that it will be reducing the amount of travel alerts issued to its citizens based on terror threats. The aim of the reduction is to make British citizens take the threats more seriously."

Michigan LEcture on RTW Travel

"Interested in world travel? Get inspired at a free seminar Thursday at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, "National Geographic Adventure Presents Doug Lansky's World Travel Show." "

(Yes, I know, it's in Michigan, but it's FREE!)

Free Tickets too Good to be True?

"American and United kicked a the free-flight bonanza earlier this year, offering deals such as AA's "buy-two, get one free." The idea sounded great and generated lots of free publicity, but there are some catches. "It has to be remembered that 'free' is capacity-controlled," Tim Winship, publisher of, tells Lorene Yue, the Chicago Tribune's (free registration)Your Money columnist.

"They are only going to give out free seats when the seats would have [otherwise] been empty. .."

(So let me get this straight... you buy a ticket and you get on standby at a time of your choosing... Wow! Thanks!)

Continental Settles Discrimination Suit

"WASHINGTON (AP) — The government announced a settlement Friday with Continental Airlines over allegations the carrier discriminated after the Sept. 11 terror attacks against travelers believed to have been of Arab, Middle Eastern or South Asian descent."

(Only took them two years. Glad to see the wheels of justice are well lubed.)

Airline Aims to Bring 200,000 Tourists to Scotland

"A FAST-GROWING Scottish airline predicted yesterday it would increase passengers fivefold this year to one million.

Edinburgh-based, which was launched last year, also expects to bring 200,000 tourists to Scotland - ten times as many as in 2003."

JetBlue Ranked Number One

"WASHINGTON (AP) — JetBlue was No. 1 in quality among U.S. airlines in 2003, the first year that it carried enough passengers to be ranked, according to an annual study released Monday.
The budget carrier had the second-best on-time performance, arriving punctually 86% of the time. So few JetBlue passengers were bumped that they did not register in the statistics used by researchers. Also, JetBlue customers also filed fewer complaints — 0.31 per 100,000 — to the Transportation Department than all other airlines but Southwest."

Cashless Cabs Catch On

"People who jump into one of New York City's 12,000 yellow taxicabs will be able to pay their fare with a credit card under a plan announced last week in conjunction with a 26% fare increase."

(You weren't supposed to notice the little bit about the remarkably large fare increase. It's easier to pay more when its plastic rather than cash, and they know it. They also don't mention the increase again in the article. Don't miss the line about the buck to two buck charge per transaction too.)

It Was the Best of Trains it Was the Worst of Trains

"In its best moments, a ride on Amtrak is better than any flight. In its worst moments, a ride on Amtrak is at least as bad as any Big Six flight you've ever had."

Budget Flights Ranking High

"(CNN) -- Low-cost airlines, which have been giving major carriers financial fits by undercutting their fares, may also be providing a better customer experience than their full-service competitors, according to results of an airline quality study released Monday."

(Rather like the one above but another take on it anyway.)

The In-Flight Right to Recline

"(CNN) -- If you have tried to lean your seat back on a plane and find it will not budge, it is probably not a new airline plot to make flying even more uncomfortable, but a new gadget.

The plastic device wedges against the frame of the seat in front and allows you to stop passengers from reclining their chairs during a flight."

(Northwest has banned it.)

NI to Get New Generation of Trains

"Much of Northern Ireland's ageing railway rolling stock is set to be replaced with 23 new state-of-the-art trains.
The first of the new generation, three-carriage trains, will be delivered next week from the manufacturers CAF at Zaragoza in northern Spain."

(I'm rather enjoying the way the entire world seems focused on their rails for a change!)

Inside Mali's Djenne Mosque

"Mud-brick construction is a building style brought to mass consciousness by hippies desperately turning on, tuning in and dropping out in the 60s and 70s. But to the Muslims of Mali, building with wet dirt means something more substantial: it means the Djenne Mosque, the world's largest mud-brick building."

Keeping Tabs on the Travel Industry Online

"Keynote Systems monitored the transaction response times on and success rates of 25 leading US travel, airline and hotel Web sites during the week of 22 March 2004 and determined that Continental, Southwest and American Airlines’ sites are the most responsive airline sites with response times of 6.97 seconds, 7.87 seconds and 8.61 seconds, respectively."

A Race to the Lowest Fares

"An eager young man was patrolling the Ryanair check-in lines at London's Stansted Airport with a clipboard and an amazing offer: Sign up for a new credit card, and receive a free one-way ticket back from anywhere in Europe."

Shots Cut to Khartoum

"Instead of packing your tiny hold-all for a weekend break in boring old Paris or Rome, you can now opt for Beirut or Khartoum.

Tour operator The Traveller has added these unusual city breaks, so you can explore the Sahara desert on a Sunday morning, or drink cardamom coffee above ravaged Byblos on a Saturday night, and only miss a day or two of work."

Fear of Flying?

"WHENEVER I hear somebody say they have a fear of flying, I want to say: "No you don’t. You have a fear of not flying. Your fear is that a plane that is flying perfectly well will suddenly stop flying. What you have, sweetie, is a fear of crashing." It gives me no pleasure to share such thoughts at a time when many of you are jetting away for an Easter break, but, hey, my Easter holiday has been ruined before it’s even begun, so I reckon you might as well suffer with me."

(A must read!)

Forget Pants?

"Pick up the phone, press the "I Want" button, say the name of the Seattle retailer, and you'll be connected directly to the concierge desk at the downtown department store. Since the hotel launched the feature in the fall, customers have called upon Nordstrom in search of last-minute items. One traveler forgot to pack a pair of pants, said Nordstrom spokeswoman Shasha Richardson. And a visiting bride couldn't locate a pair of rhinestone clips to keep her hair back under her veil."

(Since I doubt that the guy who forgot his pants went about advertising it... well... don't call out for condoms unless you want it in the paper.)

A Mysterious Paradise; Shangri-la

"BEIJING, April 5,(Xinhuanet)-- A mystery and a dream, a wonderland hidden in a remote place, a paradise sought for ages; this is Shangri-la as first depicted in James Hilton's novel Lost Horizons. It describes the adventures of Hugh Conway and his three Western traveling companions who, whilst traveling from South Asian Baskul(a name invented by the author) to Peshawar, were taken by a mysterious oriental skyjacker to the hidden Valley of the Blue Moon and the city of Shangri-La."

Segway of the Sea

"Fans of the Segway scooter now have a way to look just as silly traveling underwater as they do on land thanks to the efforts of an inventive Australian company."

(On the one hand, I may need to try one of these out. On the other, the words 'head' and 'encased' do not belong in the same sentence when being spoken in relation to me.)

German Train Derailment a Near-Miss

"A HIGH-speed train driver braked to avoid derailing after spotting slabs of metal attached to tracks near the western German city of Dortmund, authorities said on Sunday.

None of the InterCityExpress train's 200 passengers were injured in the incident, which happened early Saturday morning. The six metal slabs, weighing 17.5 kilos each, had been screwed onto tracks between the towns of Kamen and Nordboegge, on a line that links Cologne with Berlin."

(I hope the driver gets rewarded for being sharp, too few are these days.)

Quote of the day: 'We who lived in concentration camps can remember the men who walked through the huts comforting others, giving away their last piece of bread. They may have been few in number, but they offer sufficient proof that everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms-to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances-to choose one's own way.' Viktor Frankl

Cleverly Disguised as a Responsible Adult.
Cleverly Disguised as a Responsible Adult.

--Have you read the news today?--


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Holds PhD in Packing
Posts: 151
Joined: March 5th, 2004

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  • Added on: April 5th, 2004
Yorkshire backpacker escapes death in Australia

"A backpacker from North Yorkshire is recovering with friends in Australia after plunging into a gorge during a walking trip."

Cleverly Disguised as a Responsible Adult.
Cleverly Disguised as a Responsible Adult.

--Have you read the news today?--

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